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what is blog/blogging ?

what is blog?

It is not ethical if we are talk about blogging in this blog but we are not know what is blog/blogging. so i will tell you about what is blog/blogging according my knowledge.
in the first, blog is named ‘weblog’, that is an online media which you can write on it about your diary, your daily activity, your knowledge, your idea posted in web for shared to your visitors. The Characteristic is written chronologically arranged, with the most recent posts on the very beginning / top. In the further development a web log called blog, and started to add various facilities such as visitors can leave comments, there is syndication using the RSS feed, and so on.
Blogging is activity write and manage a blog. while, blogger is the person that write and manage a blog (like me). and the post that wrote by blogger named article.
in the development, blog is divided into 2 types, that is private blog that contains about diary, or daily activity and the blog with special topic (niche blog). today, blog was be the field of online business. there are many peoples who have been success to get much money from their blog.
blog is easy to use by anyone and easy to updated.  because that, the blog is be easy to indexed by search engine compared with static web. in addition, mostly blog platforms have a function called ping. function of ping is to tell the search engines that your blog has been updated. then the search engine will come to our blog to do the crawling process. so it is no wonder if the blog is easier to get the best ranking in search engines.
blog is use a platform that so many scattered both free and paid. the blog platforms that free and famous is like blogger.com and wordpress.com (there is paid wordpress too). the blog platforms that paid is like typepad.com and wordpress.com.

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