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How To Fix and Avoid Missing Title Tags In Blog/Site Pages

This post is about meta tags for SEO onpage in your blog. Before I talk more,i recommend you to read also this important related posts :

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Okay, before discussing the tutorial, I will explain what is it and how important it, in order you more serious and don’t underestimate this stuff.

-What is title and title tag, and how important those-

You surely already know what is title. Title is the name of a site page. Title describe the contents of a site page. without a title, the content a site page is not be known by users who will visit it. In the page of a website, title displayed like this (see the image) :

this is title page for about me page

Title is very important for a website pages, Especially for SEO. What is the first indexed from a website by search engines ? What the displayed results in search engines when we searching?
Well, The answer is TITLE. Title is most important element for SEO of website. Therefore you must pay more attention for this.
Then, What is Title Tag ?
Title tag is a html code which is used to create title for site page. In HTML code, Title tag is placed between head tag(<head></head>). Title tag used by robot crawler to detected that the sentences between title tag is title of pages.

<title>this is title of website pages<title>

-How can title tag missing?-

The first i say is : I would never write this post if there are no missing title tags. hehehe.

Everyone have known that title is very important. So, when they create a site page, they are never underestimate it. They surely complete the page with title tag.

Unfortunately, any site -In this case is dynamic site- not only constructed by pages which created manually (by type the source codes). Moreover a blog pages which created by tools. Sure, any site have a program that used to create page automatically, which in general is to create page of post or other updated information.

Well, the problem is in the program. The error in the program can cause missing title tags. This can also occur in your blogger blogs if your meta tags have an error.

However, blogger actually has set their blog free of this error. As Default, Blogger blogs has set without any error. So, This error usually caused by users which put meta tags manually in their blog. Indeed, This is will make the blog more seo friendly. But, This also make an error, missing title tags.

In blogger blog, Usually the pages which missing title tags are archive pages, pagination pages, search result pages, and even static pages.

So, if you want to add meta tags manually for your blog, be careful! because some of codes in tutorial instead make an error in your blog.

In this blog also there are post about SEO friendly Meta Tags. But, I guarantee you will not be find your blog have an error if you use SEO friendly meta tags which i recommended.

-How can you know your blog/site pages have missing title tags?-

There are two ways to know your blog pages have missing title tags :

1. You open the pages in your blog/site one by one in your browser. If you see a page which has no title, then that page is missing title tags.

page with title tags
page with title tags
page without title tags
page without title tags

2. You use Google webmaster tools for your blog. See the tutorial about Google Webmaster tools in this blog if you new in Google webmaster.

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In Google webmaster tools, there is a feature to detect your blog pages with missing title tags. Just go to Optimization Menu > Html improvement > Missing title tags.

missing title tags on google webmaster tool
missing title tags on google webmaster tool

-How to fix and avoid missing title tags in blogspot blog?-

If you found your blog pages missing the title tags, Immediately fix it by the way below :

1. Log in to your Dashboard.
2. Go to Template Menu of blog selected.
3. click “Edit HTML”. *don’t forget to backup your template before edit HTML

4. Find the code “<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>”. you can press “CTRL + F” to search.

5. After that, Put the following codes under <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url != data:blog.homepageUrl’>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

If be translated to human language, the code above is mean :
“If the url is not home page url of blog, then the title is ‘page name | blog title’”..
the example : the title of About me page in this blog is “About me | Syakirurahman”
You can remove ” | <data:blog.title/> ” if you want your page title not followed by your blog title. But, i recommend you to keep use blog title in your blog pages. Because, I think that’s more SEO friendly and more interesting. You also can modify ” | ” as you like. The example change it by ” : ” or ” – “. That’s up to you.

6. Finally, Save and finish editing. Just check the result.

-How about site besides blogger blog? for example wordpress or other website?-

Surely, if the kind of site is different then the way is different too. But, in other site besides blogger, this case is very rare found. So, I am not discuss it here. Maybe, i will post it later. Or feel free to contact me if you found this problem in your website. Insyaallah, I will help you by my best.

Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman

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