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how to create clock accessories for your blog

  sample clock from clocklink.com
hi bloggers, in this time i will give you a tutorial about  to decorate your blog with clock accessories. this clock accessories is will make your blog more interesting and tell your visitors about the time when they visit your blog. the visitors will made easy to manage their time to access your blog if them have the limited time.
this accessories can obtained free of charge. okay.. follow the steps below :
1. visit this site > www.clocklink.com
2. choose the available clock model like analog, animal, animation, digital, etc. (look at left sidebar)
3. click “view HTML tag” located the below of clock you chosen, then click “accept”
4. select your time zone for your territory
5. manage the size of the clock as you like, the copy it HTML codes.
(the steps on clocklink.com is finished)
but, it is not finish yet completely. follow again the steps below :
6. log in to your dashboard
7. go to “layout/design” menu.
8. add gadget with “HTML/javascript” type
9. then, paste the HTML codes of the clock.
10. save it , and finish
good luck and may useful for you 🙂 ask me if you have a question on the comment box