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Tips to rewriting the articles from other blogs (no copy-paste)


Rewriting is not mean make a duplicate post. rewriting is reveal again the mean from the writings of others in our blog. we can writing it with our style of own language. it is different with copy-paste. copy-paste or make a duplicate post is shameless thing. especially if it is not to include the source. some thing cause copy-paste is a bad thing is :

– copy-paste is not respecting the writings of others. another person tired to wrote, while we simply by dragging mouse, then press ctrl + c, after that Ctrl + v
– copy-paste can make the original post that duplicated is no value in the eyes of search engine (especially google) because there are duplicate it.
– the blog have a lot of duplicated article  is google penguins at risk because many of the articles considered “duplicate” by google.

that is some thing that make copy-paste is the bad thing. because of that, if you lost any idea, you may just rewriting an article that we read on the other blog. but, remember! don’t duplicate other people’s post. in rewriting a post, there are some tips from me maybe useful for you. okay, read the tips below:

1. you must so understand the article that you will rewrite. by this, you will get two profits, you get a new knowledge and you have an idea to posting in your blog. And is also in preparation for when you’re asked by readers about something related to writing it. You should be able to answer some questions they asked.

2. search other information about the post you will rewrite in other blogs. this is will increase your knowledge and will complete your post. After that take the essential importance of each source .. and combine it. Your post will be more complete than the other kind post. Your writing will be a reference to the readers because of its completeness.

3. distinguished title of your post with the post that be your source although a little different. Create a unique title as unique but easy to remember the readers.. Likewise with the keyword that you enter in the content of post. Contrast with the targeted keyword in the post that became the source of your post. This is to make your post have a little competition with similar posts in other blogs.

4. finally, include a reference source in a footer your post.  With this, you have to appreciate the writings of others as the reference your post.

Maybe just it can i share. May be useful for you :).. if you still confused, just ask your problem by comment

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