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Tips to determine the blog niche


Determining the right and profitable topic for the blog is the important thing. determining the topic of your blog is seen like easy. However, actually it is the thing that determine you to keep blogging although you have failed or stop blogging at the halfway when you have failed. It is my experience. Little to telling my story, It was many blog i create but it was always stopped at halfway. I think that is cause i wrong to select my blog niche/topic. I always lazy to thinking about my blog niche. I am a man who easy to change my mind. even for this blog, i have a plan to change again. But, i will effort to keep manage this blog although i failed again. I think i was found my true blog niche. So, how to decide the right blog niche ? i will explain you about it tips. These tips actually i know from the professional blogger in my country, Indonesia. He is Medhy aginta, the founder of Blogguebo.com(indonesia blog). I just rewrite it in english.
Well, the tips to decide your blog niche is just by answer these question below :

What is your biggest interest ?

What is your hobbies ?

What is your skillfulness?

What is your talent?

What the topic/knowledge that you mastered?

How much opportunity to be unggul in the topic you like?

What the sought-after keyword in the topic you like ?

What the monetize opportunity can do in the topic you like ?

By answer the questions above, i guarantee you will find the right and provitable niche for your blog. In addition, if you find the right topic for your blog, you will enjoy blogging although you have failed to get some money from blogging, because blogging in your niche is the thing you like and mastered. So, don’t fault to decide your blog niche :).

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