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Tips to choose design/template for blogs

Your blog design is one of important thing that must be considered to make your blog professional, interesting, and liked by your blog visitors. The blog visitors will be pleasant visiting your blog. Not only that, if you exact choose your blog template, the search engine will be easy to index your blog. So, it is one of SEO tips for blog too.

Because of that, i have some tips for you about how to make your blog design/template professional and SEO friendly.
1.       The size of template
This is the thing that must be considered first. Size of your template will affect your blog loading. Bigger your blog template size, will heavier your blog loading too. So, effort your size of your blog template as small as possible in order to the loading be light. if your blog loading is heavy, your blog visitors will be bored and won’t to visit your blog again. In addition, if your blog size is small, the search engine will be easy to analyzing and crawling your blog. for make your blog be small size is example by no use picture with big size as your blog background, compress the css code of your blog, and others. For measure your blog size, you can visit http://tools.pingdom.com and check your blog template size.
2.       Easy and simple navigation
Easy and simple navigation will facilitate your visitors to access your blog. Your visitors will like to access your blog more. Your visitors will enjoy your blog and in the last, it is will increase your blog pageviews.
3.       Interesting display
Interesting display of your blog is will affect your visitors comfortable. Currently, there are many sites that providing the interesting template either free or premium/paid like Btemplates and Jauhari.net(for wordpress) . you can choose one of many templates provided. Choose the template with interesting display. But remember ! don’t forget the other parameter that make your blog template/design be professional.
4.       No errors function or broke pages
When you was choose the template for your blog, you must try to access all of function on your blog template, because sometime there are errors function, moreover if you choose the free templates. If you found errors on your template, quickly to repair it.
5.       Comply with your blog niche
Your design/template blog must comply with your blog niche. Don’t ever to design your blog with flower or romantic pictures, but your blog niche is about sport or technology. Your visitors will feel wonder to your blog.
6.       No too many widget and ads
Don’t fill your blog with too many widget, moreover with ads. Remove widgets that is not important. Don’t insert the bombastic/hype ads too because that all will make your visitors leave and never want to visit your blog again.
7.       The template have the good heading structure
The good templates have the heading tag structure neatand ordered fromH1, H2 andH3. Choose a blog template that has agood heading tags structure and surely  placement of each heading tag is appropriate, e.g. H1 for the title of blog. It is also will make it easy for the search engines to prioritize the more important thing to indexed.
8.       make sure there is a connection among css and html code
the CSS code is not functioned if no HTML code. HTML is the object that decorated by css code, if css and HTML have no connection, CSS will not functioned. moreover if no HTML code, what will you decorate. Because of that, validating your CSS and HTML code on the existing Validator site.
9.       The columns of template and it positions
If your template is two columns, make your sidebar columns locate at right side. This is purpose to make the web crawl indexing your blog post earlier.
If your template is three columns (sidebar at left and right), don’t fill the left sidebar with big size and too many widget. Place the big size widget at right sidebar.  or, if you do not want to follow the tips above you can also create HTML code of your blog content on the top, under the header, do not make the sidebar code place above the code content. (same function which aims to create a web crawl to index your blog post first).
10.   Minimize Link of template maker
Usually, if you use downloaded templates, there are links to template maker inserted in the footer template. If there are more than one links, remove it and leaving only one link. This is to minimize the ‘outbound link’ on your blog. But, Don’t remove all, because it is blogging ethics. Keep to appreciate other people work.
Well, that’s all can i share. if you can and want make the template yourself, i suggest to don’t miss with the criteria above.
If you need to ask, you can ask your question on the comment box. Hopefully useful for you and happy blogging 🙂

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