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Tips And How to Change Template Design of Blogger/blogspot

Your design blog template is a thing which important enough you should consider. It because very affect your readers comfort. The good template will make your visitors enjoy to read your posts. Even, sometime some readers visit a blog just because want to enjoy the design or aims to study good design. Surely, That’s because the design is very good. The good design is include good navigation and pretty sight.

Well, if you feel your blog template design is not include of good design, immediately to change and redesign it. If you have no design programming skill, you can use many template which was provided in many blog template sites whether it paid or free. However, a paid template is better than free template. So, If you have enough of money and you willing to spend it, Just buy the paid blog templates. There are many blogger template sellers in internet. But, If you want free, just download the free templates in www.btemplates.com, www.premiumbloggertemplates.com, www.deluxetemplates.net. Those is the sites i recommend to download free template because those has been famous and provide good templates. Just recommendation for you, Read the tips to choose template design before you download in order you choose the good design.

Well, After you download or buy the template, Extract the file because usually the downloaded template is still compressed by winrar of other compressor software. Then, you must install that to your blog.
Follow the steps below to install and use your new template for your blog.

1. Log in to your Dashboard.
2. Click the blog title which you will change the template
3. Go to “Template” menu.
4. See to the top right corner and find “Backup/Restore”, Click that.
5. “Download full template” to backup your currently template.

backup and restore template

6. Then, Choose file to upload your new template which have downloaded.
7. Find the directory of the template file was extracted.

upload template

8. Then open and upload the file with .xml format.
9. well, the template was uploaded and used.

Well, That’s all from me. Just make your blog interesting and get much visitors. If you have any problems or questions for your blog design, I am willing to help you for free. Hope this article useful for you. Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman

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