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Submit your blogs/sites to 20 search engines and directories all at once

I sure, you surely want your sites/blogs indexed by search engines and have many organic visitors (visitors from search engines). therefore, you must submit your sites/blogs to search engines in order your blog appear on Search result of search engines. currently, there are many search engines in the world. if you want to improve your organic visitors so you must registered on many search engines. the problem is  : are you want to submit your sites to search engines one by one ?.
well, Now you no need to confuse thinking it. because i have a way “how to submit blog to 50 search engines all at once”. surely, it is very effective way than you must submit one by one. the way is use a free services of a web, that is . by it, you can submit your blogs/sites just by fill the form and confirm submission.
the search engines you submit are various. there are free, and there are premium too. but, mostly of them is free.
so, what are you waiting ? just submit your sites. follow the step below to do it :
1. visit
2. scroll your mouse to bottom and you will find the form like below.
3. fill the form. and check the agreement.
4. check all list of search engines that located under form.
5. just wait the process for a few minutes.
6. open your email to confirm your submission. first, you must confirm email from free web submission.
*there will many emails to you from the search engines that you submit automatically, and you must confirm it.
7. after you confirm all emails, your sites will be appear on many search engines you submit.
that’s all from me. if you have any questions, just ask on the comment below..
hope useful and Happy Blogging 🙂