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Spammer In This Blog Turns Out Is Good

Huh.. Actually i lazy to talk about spammer again. But, blocked comments which is just i read make me to talk it again. It is about positive side of spammers in this blog. But, It is not mean i like spammer. i have repeatedly told that i hate spam.
-About spam in this blog-
A moment ago, i idly read spam comment which is automatically blocked in this blog. All of spam comment is posted by ‘anonymous’ readers. Spam comments in this blog is more than non-spam comment. Now, there are 74 comment is spam folder. While, there are just 54 published comments, it also with my reply comments.
But, I surprised when i read several spams. It turns out, Arguably content of spam comments is better than non-spam. Usually (I found in other blogs), The spammer is just leave comments which is not qualified and just promote their blog/site. I wondering, why the good comment is published by anonymous reader. That’s unique.
Though it is spam, but it is different. generally, the structure of spam comment in this blog is like the following :

“Bla-bla-bla-bla (good content of comments, Usually contains about praise, suggestion, correction and question) bla bla bla.”

“here is my webpage bla bla bla(promote their site)”.

For more details, I have screenshoots for several spams.
Click Image to enlarge
Honestly, I greatly appreciate the comments like that. Those’s will make this blog better. My blogging spirit was increased after i read those. I feel that i must make me better because several comments critized me. But I am so happy bacause that. So, for this time i give thanks for anonymous comment publishers (that maybe include you hehe). I would not blocked it as spam if those comments is not anonymous.
-My anticipation-
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Because, Spam comment is still not diminished, so i take action more. Previous, I was prevented spam comments by add comment rules which you can see before you leave comment. But, That does not work. So I take a more assertive prevention. Now, you can not leave comment anonymously or by name/url. I was removed that options. Then, now there are no comment anonymously in this blog. I want you to accompany your name when you leave a comment. I just want to know you and make a friendship with you :p..
However, this blog is still dofollow. So if you want to get backlink, just linking you site in your comment body. But, remember! Don’t comment only for promote, I will block it!. I just want to give the best for you.. One sentence from me :
See you and happy blogging.
Muhammad Syakirurohman with his young spirit.


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