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SMO(Social Media Optimization) Tips and Tricks For Your Blog

Social Media Optimization (SMO) tips and tricksAs i promised on the previous article.. “what is SMO“, i will post about advanced tricks to do SMO for your blog. if you not read yet that article, please read first. This article is comply for you who learning now about optimizing your blog visitors and for you who a beginner blogger.
Talk about SMO will never escape from SEO, because the both  is related each other. even, as i said in the previous article, SMO can said as SEO tricks too. The better our SMO strategies, the more ‘inbound link’ to our blog. and, The more ‘inbound link’ to our blog, the better our blog position on search engines.

so, how to do Social media optimization in your blog ?.okay, let us see the tips below.

1. Create the good blog contents viable to linked
this is the first. though actually it is more suitable called SEO (on page) trick, but it is the important thing to doing SMO. if there are no content viable to linked, your SMO will useless. because SMO is for bring in visitor from outside so you must lure people by the good articles. therefore, create as much as possible the good content on your blog.

2. SMO with Facebook.
currently, Facebook is most popular social networking in the world. who do not know facebook ?. almost all peoples in the world  was know facebook, so you need to use facebook for SMO. Share your blog articles to your friends. and create the page of your blog on facebook and take care it everyday. invite your friend to your page and ask them to spread it to other people they know. make a community about your blog content and make your self as the specialist. keep friendly to them, make good relationship with them an ask them to visit your blog.
each you posting on your blog, share it on facebook page of blog too. surely, the good content. this is will bring in the visitors to your blog.

3. Ask your blog visitors to subscribe your blog.
well, ask them to subscribe your blog. what’s the benefits ?.
when the visitors come to your blog and read the articles, and they think your blog content is useful. on that time they want to read your blog again. however, remember! that is not guarantee they will come back. why ? because maybe they are busy. and when they want to search information that is your blog content. they may forget your blog url. so they search on search engines. how if they just choose other blog that  same content with your blog on the search engines? remember, you have competitors !
but, if they have been subscribe your blog, when they need information that is your blog content, they just read the article of your blog or visit your blog.
you can use RSS feed, feedburner or via email to ease your visitors to subscribe your blog.

4. SMO with Video share.
maybe,this tips is rarely done . but, i think this is good enough to performed. how to do ?. create the unique and interesting video about your blog to lure visitors to your blog. maybe it is hard , but you can. then, share the video on youtube. youtube is most popular video share site in the world. so you need to share the video over there. you also can share your video on other video share site, like daily motion.

5. SMO with twitter
twitter is a microblogging site that can you use to promote you blog. share your blog article to your friend. actually, it is like facebook, just that twitter can’t to make page. the more your followers on twitter, the better your blog promotion on it.
also mention your url blog on your twitter profile.

6.  SMO with Google+
well, currently Google team was launched their social media that maybe can competing with facebook. Google+ still can said ‘new social networking’. but it almost can competing facebook. SMO with google+ is very easy to performed. moreover if you use blogger/blogspot. because, when you post on your blog, Google+ quick to offer you to share your newly post on google+. in addition, on google+ you can also make page and comunity like on facebook. so, let us use google+ to SMO trick too

7. Make sharing and bookmarking easy to done.
it is related with blog navigation. the better navigation to sharing and bookmarking your blog, the more your visitors sharing your blog. how to do ? for example by  provide the share button on the each footer of articles(like the footer of this article). that is will ease your blog visitors to share articles.
you can also place your share button by fixed style too for more easy to share.

okay.. that’s it. if you have any good ideas that not mentioned on this articles, please do not hesitate to share it on the comment. on maybe you have any questions? just ask it on the comment box, happy blogging 🙂

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