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How to Share your posting to Facebook and Twitter Automatically

probably, you often to share your new blog posting to your facebook and twitter friends. indeed, it is a technique for improve your SERP and lure many visitors to your blog. it is .

However, i sure sometimes(or even frequently) you feel lazy if you must share one by one of your post to facebook and twitter. it also i felt. moreover if you make many posts everyday. it is boring.
But, Now i am never feel it again. it is because i use a ways to share the post automatically. i use dlvr.it. a site that give you a services that allows you to share your post while you offline/online on facebook and twitter. and the good news is : this is FREE !.. actually there are many others besides dlvr.it, such as twitterfeed, ping.fm, networkedblog ang others. but on this post i just recommend you to use dlvr.it. because i think dlvr.it have some superiority than others. example, on dlvr.it you mustn’t linking it on your blogs, not like on networkedblog.
in dlvr.it you can set to where you blog feed shared. you can set your blog feed towards to your blog fanspage on Facebook too. actually, dlvr.it not only provide destination just to facebook and twitter. it also allows you to share you feed on delicious, linkedin, tumblr and others.
so, how to sign up to dlvr.it ?.. okay, i will guide you by steps below :
1. just go to dlvr.it by .
2. Fill the email and password field and then Sign UP


3. after that, you will redirect to this page. Add your blog feed and choose the destination.

4. if you not log in yet on your destination (facebook,twitter and others) you must logging in first.

5. after that, choose your account you like to be a destination.

6. keep it active. but, if you want to pause your feed flows you can change it to paused status.

7. finish. Your post will be automatically share to your social media account.
That’s it from me. happy to try. if you have any questions, you can ask me on comment box below. i waiting for your responses.
hope this useful for you and Happy Blogging 🙂