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SEO Site Tools, Useful Toolbar For Check SEO Data of Sites

More advanced technology of website, make peoples to competing create products either it to sold, or just shared for free. Surely, This also affect SEO development because Search engines optimization is one of  website parameter too. Now, peoples competing to become Search Engines Optimization master. Same thing happen with any companies about website development. Many companies make tools for SEO, either it free or paid. One of tools which created is , a toolbar for Google chrome browser that now will we talked.

SEO site tools is a toolbar for chrome that used to check and see all SEO data of any website which opened in browser. This toolbar is so useful because this tell you how good your Search engine optimization in your blog. in addition, this toolbar tell you the criteria of seo friendly site. This toolbar have some features menu, those are :

1. External page data 
This is for see external page data of the page/site we opened. this is include pagerank, page authority, domain authority, index status in some search engines, alexa rank, rank on some website/search engine/directories, and others.

This is for see the page element of the page/site we opened. this is include meta robots, meta description, meta keyword, link quantity and it status, header tags and others.

3. Social Media
This feature menu is to know what the social media which associated whith the site/page.

4. Page Terms/Tools
This menu is to check what the page terms/tools that used by the site/page.

5. Server/Domain Info
It is to see server or domain information of the page/site.

6. Suggestions
I think, this feature is most important. here you will know what the bad on seo of the page/site. this feature give you some suggestions to repair the site if there are some wrong seo tehnique.

Besides the complete and useful of feature, this toolbar is easy to use (just by click and click) and easy to get. So, How much the price of this toolbar ? the price is $0. well, this toolbar is free. just to download SEO Site tools.
Hopefully you enjoy with this tools. hopefully useful.
Happy Blogging 🙂

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