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List of Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers in Indonesia

Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers in Indonesia
Indonesia is one of countries that underwent rapid progress (especially in online community) in the past few decades. as well as on Blogosphere. currently, blogging was known by old nor young, high school students(like me), jhs students, college students, even housewives. these is caused by many factors, such as The cheaper to access internet, online business prospect, and so on.
well, on this post i will tell you about top 10 blogs and bloggers indonesia version My Blogger Tricks.
Ranking Criteria.
these blog are ranked by many factors such as, alexa rank world wide, alexa rank regional, google pagerank, subscriber, fan on social media, and so on.
the following is the top 10 blogs and bloggers in Indonesia
1. Indonesia Matters

Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 98,492
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 4,065
Written by: Mau Ke Mana.
2. Jakarta Bars
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 163,534
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 3,341
3. Hot Chocolate and Mint
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 329,382
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 6,277
Written by: Diana Rikasari
4. Blogger Indonesia
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 289,201
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 5,388
Written by: Fatih Syuhud
5. Glisters and Blisters
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 884,670
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 25,628
Written by: Michelle Koesandi
6. Perspektif
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 1,014,654
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 25,573
Written by: Wimar Witoelar
7. Good News From Indonesia
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 1,179,203
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 28,293
8. Budi Putra
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 1,672,583
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 61,660
Written by : Budi Putra
9. Unspun
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 2,311,234
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): N/A
Written by: Ong Hock Chuan
10. The RAB Experience
Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 2,759,835
Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): N/A
Written by: Rob Baiton
most of these blogs is managed by innovative, proactive, and professional blogger who have good written ability too. one thing that unique from the blogs above is mostly have low alexa rank, they focus on the message and the social aspect of the blogs more than blogging itself. Hence, many don’t apply blogging tricks and SEO tips. But that doesn’t mean the blogs aren’t good. if they are apply blogging tricks and SEO tips, their blogs may be become internationally famous.
okay, that’s all, if you have any opinions that different with above, just tell on comment. i looking forward to your response.
Happy Blogging 🙂

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