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Lightshot, tool to take screenshot pictures

When you Blogging and write some posts, You’ll never escape from images. Images is an important component in your posts to make your readers easy to understand your contents.
there are many ways to insert an image on your posts. example is you take images from google image and put it to your posts. however, Google image is not everything. You will not found some images that you need for your content. usually, it is the image about the steps of tutorial articles you created. So to insert images for your tutorial posts, you must to take screenshot images by yourself use a tool.

Well, i recommend you to use lightshot tool to take a screenshot for your posts. Lightshot is a good screenshot taker software for windows and mac that can you . Lightshot is easy to use and there are many features that can used. The following is the Lightshot features that can you use :

1. Lightshot allow you to edit your screeshot by online.
2. Lightshot allow you to Upload, print, copy and save your screenshot quickly.
3. Lightshot allow you to share your screenshot to facebook and twitter.
4. Lightshot allow you to search the similar image with your screenshot on google and tinieye.
5. Lightshot is easy to use. just by press “Print screen” button on your keyboard.

So, What are you waiting for ? just Dowload LightShot software By .

Happy to try and Keep Happy Blogging 🙂