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Know The Css code for your blogs

What is CSS? okay, i will explain you as my best.

CSS is stands for “cascading style sheets”. CSS is codes that generally used for decorate your blog or website. CSS is a language that is devoted to set the style of the appearance or layout of a web page. CSS is an internet technology recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C in 1996. Originally, CSS developed in SGML in 1970, and continues to be developed until today. CSS has supported many markup languages ​​such as HTML, XHTML, XML, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and Mozilla XUL(XML User Interface Language).
in desember 1996, W3C introduced Level 1 CSS specification or  also known CSS1 that supported  format of font, text color, and others. then, in may 1998, W3C issued CSS2 which inside it there is set function of lies the element, and now, W3C has been repairing and improving The ability of CSS2 to CSS3.
CSS is used by web programmers and also bloggers to define colors, fonts layout, and all other aspects of document presentation on their sites. currently, almost no website that constructed without css codes.
as a blogger you should know what is CSS in order easy to designing his blog. by CSS, we will easy to decorate our blogs. Maximizing CSS is important (especially) blog to make it more comfortable to be read and seen by your visitors, and if can make CSS that ease loading.
Cascading Style Sheet consist of Selector, declaration, Property and Value. As with HTML, PHP and other programming languages​​, CSS also have a rule that was writing itself. 
The example of writing css code
Body {background-color:white; }
‘Body’ is selector, { } is declaration, ‘background-color’ is property and ‘white’ is value.
there are three methods to use CSS code on your site.
1. CSS as attribute inside html tag.
okay, as the example, see the image below :
 css code as attribute
‘div’ is html tag that decorated by css code. the css code is ‘ style=’padding:5px 20px; …’
2. CSS between <style type=”text/css”> (css code)</style> tags.
css code between <style> tag
the css code located between ‘style’ tag that usually located at above <head> element (on blog).
3. CSS as a separate file.

css code as a file

the 1st and 2nd methods  are mostly used in blog. the 3rd method is rare to used in blog, usually used in website because it need space to save the css file.
if use 2nd and 3rd method, you must equip the tag you decorate with ‘id’ or ‘class’ attribute. because it is will called in css code according to ‘id’ or ‘class’. the different of ‘id’ and ‘class’ is : the tag with attribute id, called by css begins with ‘#’. example
<div id=”example”>, then if called by css must like this : #example {css code}.
while the tag with attribute ‘class’, called by css begins with’.’ . example <div class=’example’>, then called by css must like this : .example {css code}. if you want to decorate a html tag (example you want to decorate all of h2 tag), you can call in css code without code addition, so:  h2 {css code}.
you can practice more about css yourself by use notepad and run with browser. if you want more tutorial about css, you can visit w3school.com (web that contained about programming tutorial).
okay, that’s it. if you have any questions, you can ask me on comment box below.

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