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Know the HTML tags mostly found in the blogs

In this article i will explain you about the mean of Html tags that usually used and mostly found into blogs or website. This article is very useful for beginner bloggers that want to know about basic of HTML. All of The explanation below is just as i know. Because of that, i will not to explain all of elements and tags for make a website.
essentially, each of site either blog or website constructed by the following element schema :
<title> </title>
All of content code of website located between <boy> </body> tag. there the tags that will explain here located.
1.  <a>object</a>, this tags usually used accompanied by the attribute, example <a href=”http://syakirurahman.blogspot.com”>blogger ask</a>. the attribute is “href=”http://syakirurahman.blogspot.com””, without the attribute, this tags is usually not used because (can said) not working. The tag attribute of <a> mostly accompanied “href” that functioned for linking Url/link/address of page into text (or anything that located between <a> and </a> tag). If you want the intended address  automatically make a new tab, then add the “target=”blank”” attribute. Example <a href=”http://syakirurahman.blogspot.com”  target=”blank”>
2.  <b>object</b>,  the letter b is abbreviation of bold. So, this tag is for make the text become bold style. This tag is only for text object.
3.  <body>object</body>, this tag is place where all code of content located.
4.  <br/>, <br/> tag is the tag that have not closer. This tag is direct closed (<br/>. It is because it function as the code for make a new row in web. If likened to keyboard of computer, the function of this code is same with “enter” button.
5.  <div>object</div>, this tag usually used for make a “mark up” in blog or website. This tag usually accompanied with the attribute ’class’, ‘id’, ‘type’, ‘style’, etc. such as <a>, this tag can said not functioned without attribute.
6.  <h1>object</h1> to <h6>object</h6>, well, i brief. So, <h1> to <h6> tags (mean there are h2,h3,h4,h5 . hehe) is the tags for make head in website/blog. Why there are 6 tag? Because the head you can create is there six type with different size. H1 is head with the largest size and h6 is head with the smallest size.
7.   <head>object</head>, is the tag where the part over code of web inserted. Usually used for wilayah web name. the code <h1> to <h6> usually located here too. However, in blog with blogger platform, the <head> tag usually inserted by Css codes.
8.   <hr/>, the function of this tag is same with <br/> tag. The different is if use <hr/> tag, there is separate line between over row and under row
9.   <html>object</html>, is the place where all of html codes located.
10. <i>object</i>, the letter ‘i’ here is abbreviation of italic. So, this tag is functioned for make the text between this tag become italic style. Such as <b>, this tag is only for text object.
11. <img/>this tag usually direct closed, have not closer. Img is abbreviation of image. So this tag is for insert the image object. The image inserted by add the “src” attribute. Example <img src=”url/image locate”>.”src” is mean “search”. Without the attribute, this tag is not working.
12. <li>object</li>, is the tag that used for decide that the object is part of list, either ordered list or unordered list. So this tag is there always between <ol> tag or <ul> tag.
13. <ol>object</ol>, ol is abbreviation of ordered list. <ol> is the tag used for create a list in blog/web with sequences numbers. You can decide the list that arranged by letter, roman numerical, number, by add the ‘type’ attribute in tag. Example, <ol type=”A”> for arrange by capital letter. For more details, you can read in the article of “how to create list manually by HTML in the blog”.
14. <p>object</p>, the letter p here is abbreviation of paragraph, so this tag is tga that used for write a paragraph in the web or blog.’
15. <style>object</style>, this tag is tag that functioned for insert CSS code or other that formed style code.
16. <table>object</object>, the tag for create a table in web, for make the table line seen, so the tag must add by “border” attribute. Example <table border=”1”>.
17. <td>object</td>, is the tag for create data cell in table.
18. <th>object</th> , is the tag for create a column in table.
19. <tr>object</tr> , is the tag for create a row in table.
20. <u>object</u>, the letter u here is abbreviation of underline, so this tag is functioned for make the text become underline  style. Such as the tags <b> and <i>, this tag used only for text object.
21. <ul>object</ul>, ul is abbreviation of unordered list. The function is same with <ol> tag, that is for create a list in web. The different is the list with <ul> is not arranged.

Well, just it can i explain. Forgive me if less clear, if you have to read this article, i suggest to immediately practicing it, Or for blogger directly to look and “play” HTML of the blog and understand more details of the tags. Hopefully useful for you 🙂