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How to Set or Change Website/Blog Favicon

what is favicon

Favicon(small icon image beside website/blog title) is an important thing you must consider. This is related with your website/blog identity. Usually, Favicon is logo of website. So, If you are not have yet favicon for your site or your favicon is still default, immediately change it. That’s your website merk.
To set the favicon for your site, just follow the steps below :

The way 1 :
This way is apply with all kind of website. This is very simple.

1. Log in to website administrator.
2. Go to The HTML editor of that site.
3. Then, Put the following codes above </head> tag code.

<link rel=”shortcut iconhref= “image location/URL”>

4. Save it and finish.

The way 2 :
This way is for blogger/blogspot blog. Actually, you can do the way 1 in blogger (dashboard>template>edit HTML). But if you don’t want to make yourself confuse by source code, you can do this way.
1. Log in to your Dashboard.
2. Go to “Layout” menu.
3. See the gadget of favicon (usually place at top left corner).

favicon in blogger

4. Click edit and configure your favicon.

configure favicon in blogspot blog

5. after that, click save and the favicon was set.

that’s it. Happy Blogging 🙂


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