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How to create the high quality article and much sought-after

Maybe, you are often heard the phrase “content is the king” in blogsphere. Well, that is right. After you found that phrase, maybe you motivated to write the high quality article. unfortunately, when you will write a high quality article, you precisely confused what the article will you write. For solve that problem, i have some tips to create a high quality article.
The below is tips for create the high quality article :
1.  Change your hobbies, interest, talent, skillfulness and knowledge become the needed information. Well, just make the thing you like and mastered become a post. the post will be the high quality article if wrote by it specialist. You will can to answer if your blog visitors ask you about their problem because you are it specialist.
2.  Create the trending topic article, but useful to future too. When you create the trending topic articles, many netizens will visit your blog flocked. moreover the article is very useful. just effort to be first who write the trending topic article, because the search engine will index your post first too.
3.  take the time to write one article. Minimal 2 hours/article. For make a high quality thing is need a lot of time. The longest thing on writing is thinking about what the thing will you write. So, be patient.
4.  Find the mood. Mood is not waited. You will found your mood by many ways. Example by Read the inspiration and motivation books, write at the fresh place, ask your girlfriend/boyfriend to support you, etc.
5.  Write the article gladly and write in your tongue style. It is in order to make you enjoy. In addition, your article readers are feel enjoy too if they read your article in your tongue style. But, don’t write your article with too many slang. Keep politely to your blog readers. It will make your blog interactive and will make a relationship among you and them.
6.  Search more knowledge about the topic you write. Read the articles in other blogs that related with your blog niche. the more you have a lot of knowledge about your blog topics, then more the articles you wrote have high quality. Remember ! you are the specialist of your blog niche.
7.  Insert the link of other articles in your blog (not article in other blogs) that have the same category with the article you are writing. It is in order to your blog visitors read the linked article too and satisfied with information in your blog. The result the visitors will comeback to your blog again or maybe even bookmarking your blog.
8.  Don’t insert a adsense banner in your post, it is will make the visitors feel uncomfort to read your article. moreover, the adsense is not related with the topics. Writing the review product article is better than insert adsense in your post.
If you comply the tips above, i guarantee your article is have the high quality and many peoples search it. more high quality article, more sought after, more backlinks you get from that article.
Just it can i share, if you need to ask your problem , please  ask in comment box. 🙂

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