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How to create “back to top” button on your blog

hello bloggers, in this article i will explain you about how to make “back to top” button on your blog. back to top button is good for your blog navigation. its will make easy navigation. i think your blog must use back to top button on the corner of your blog. this button is important enough for your blog if your blog page have much content that extends down of the page. it is will make your blog visitors comfortable and like to access your blog. “back to top” button will make your blog seen interesting too. in addition, “back to top” button is easy to created.
well, maybe you wasn’t patient to create “back to top” button. okay, just follow the step below :
1. log in to your dashboard
2. go to “template” menu and edit html
3. find the </body> code, and place the code below above the </body> code.
<a href=’#’ style=’position: fixed; right: 15px; bottom: 15px; outline: medium none; border: 0px none;’ title=’Back to Top’><img alt=’Back to Top’ border=’0’src=’your back to top image url’/></a>
*don’t forget to insert your back to top image url, change the ‘src’ attribute value by your image url or the image provided below.
4. i provide image for the button, but you can create by yourself too.
5. After insert the code, then you must save it.
6. but, if you do not understand the way above, there is other way that easier. you can add “back to top” button by add the HTML gadget that filled by the code above.
(this step is just for blogger platform, if your blog no use blogger platform, just adjust it)
and finish, you can see the result.
Hopefully useful and happy blogging 🙂

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