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The Greatest Social Media Marketing to Increase Your Traffics, Brand and Loyal Audiences

” Now you might be thinking that the more you post, the more readers or subscribers you are going to get.
No! Please stop thinking that.
That’s old school. It doesn’t work like that. You don’t need to bust your a$$ writing every day. And while you are at it, you don’t have to adhere to a set schedule either.
Derek Halphern of insanely popular Social Triggers hardly posts once a week. Sometimes he ‘forgets’ to even do that. He says most bloggers spend 80% of their time creating content and 20% promoting it. This is a fatal mistake and you need to
be doing the OPPOSITE.This is total waste of your effort and content. Why would you want to write when
you don’t have sufficient amount of people reading it? “

-Marya Jan in her free ebook.

See the quote above. Especially, the bolded sentence. You maybe realize that recently i am not posting every day again. Yes, That’s because i believe the bolded sentence above. -Please Download 9 new rules of blogging by marya jan in order you do not misunderstand-. Now, I focus to promote in social media than write content everyday. Even, I regret why i just now realize it.

Oh sorry, Maybe I am OOT. Just back to the title. Well, when i realized that promoting content is very important, i felt that the best way is promoting in social media. Then, I began to explored any social media in internet. Either it is social networking, social bookmarking, microblogging and others.

However, If i too active in many social medias, i will saturate. So i explored and selected what the most effective social media to promote my blog. I found it!. i think those are the greatest and best place to promote. Those are google+, facebook and twitter. Okay.. Let’s talk about them :

1. Promote in Google+

I think this is the best from the best. Yes, google+ is the best place to promote your blog. That’s why i sort this at the first order. These are the reasons :

– The most Google+ users are bloggers. So we will associate with them, make relationship and even make cooperation. We also can sharing experience, tips, knowledge about blogging each others. Other bloggers are important to optimize the promotion. We also can make a cooperation to promoting our blog each other with them in each blog. That’s the things i most liked and make me active on google+. That’s very nice.

– Google+ allows us to share our post more widely. Even, The people who don’t know us can see our post if we make our post set publicly. So, our promotion post can be seen and visit more.

– Now, there is Google Author Rank system as parameter of SERP, like Page Rank. The most influential thing to increase our Author Rank is our authority and activity on Google+. So, if we active on google+, our author rank will increase rapidly. It is because google+ is one of google products.

– The google+ features also are not less good with facebook. Google+ also allows us to create a community and fanspage.

Well, because the reason above, now i active in google+. How about you ? I recommend you to active in google+ :). Please, Add +syakir rahman to your circle..

2. Promote on Facebook.

Though facebook is the greatest social networking in the world, but i am not place this to the greatest social media marketing place. Why? that’s because..

– Facebook is not google products. So google support to facebook is not as much to google+.
– Most facebook user is not blogger. You can not associate with blogger in facebook. you can not to commenting each other with other bloggers. Remember! Other bloggers are important to optimize the promotion.

But, nevertheless it not mean you may to don’t promote in facebook. You still need promote to facebook. The reasons are..

– However, facebook is the greatest social networking in the world. Almost every netter have facebook account. Even, Online on facebook is main activity of some people in the world. Facebook users also was reached more than 1 billion. So, your audience is huge amount.

– You will easier to find audience in facebook. You also easier to associate with people because facebook features is very good.

So, keep active on facebook. If you like, Just add me on facebook 🙂 hehe.

3. Promote on Twitter

Twitter also is a place to promote your blog or business. Twitter is the greatest microblogging site in the world. You must use this social media to promote your blog and business. Arguably, twitter is as your blog feed. 160 words per tweet should be able to attract your followers to visit your site.

The most important thing to promote on twitter is your followers. You must have many follower to optimize the promotion. The More followers you had, The better your promotion.

Twitter have more than 100 million user. So you have many audience if you can attract them. In addition, twitter user usually more active in seeking useful information. So, consider also your tweet.
Well, Just active to promote on twitter too. If you like, just follow me too 😀

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Those are three greatest social media to use for your content marketing. Active on the three above as much as possible. I sure your traffic and loyal visitors will increase rapidly. I have some important tips to promote in the three social media above :

1. Don’t ever to promote your blog with rigid language or ads language like :
“Get some useful tips from my blog” or “visit my blog if you want to get helpful tips”.
Just use colloquial to promote. Even, if you can, you don’t seen like promoting.

2. Don’t even to the point to your promotion. Remember!. The main function of facebook, google+ and twitter is to connect you to people around you. Not for promote. So associate more with people before you promote.

3. Don’t promote overload. People will saturate with you because the thing they hear is just your promotion. Just promote wisely.

That’s all. Just practice that and good luck. If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Hopefully this post useful for you.

Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman

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