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Free Download Color Picker Software

Iif you like and often modify your blog design through Html and Css code, you are never escape from any color that you need and use for your blog/site. color code for css very frequently used when you designing your site. what is happen if your blog do not use color code because you don’t know ?. your blog will only have two colors, white and black. it is so bad. so, very important for you to have a color picker software that completed by color code for css. though on this blog provided the page for pick colors and know it codes, also there was a color picker website that allows you to pick colors, www.colorpicker.com, but it will very efective if you have color picker software on your computer.  in addition, this software have more color and you can grab the color on your computer desktop.

therefore, in this article i just want to share you a Color picker software  that allows to ease you when you need to color code when design your sites/blogs.
okay, just click here to download this software.

hope useful for you, Happy Blogging 🙂

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