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CTPM pillar – the right step to “make money from blogging”

Such as i said and promise in the previous post, i will explain you about CTPM pillar now. CTPM is content, Traffic, Pre-selling, and Monetize. CTPM pillar is a ‘blogging for money’ concept was conceived by ken evoy- founder of sitesell.com and sitebuildit.  this four pillar is gradually from ‘content’ to ‘monetize’ and associate each other. This blog monetize Theory is very important to you know if you want to make money from blogging. this theory is contain about the right step to make money from blogging. there are many peoples who no patient to got money from blog. They are monetizing their blog quickly. But, they are failed. This is happen because they are not know the right step to monetizing their blog.

This step can practiced by beginner bloggers or the bloggers that want to monetizing the blogs. By understanding and practicing this step, you will monetizing your blog on the time with the better result and measurable.

1.    First pillar, Content

“Content is the king” – Anonymous.

What the thing that searched by internet user ? what the thing that wanted by the people when browsing ? the answer is >> information. That is the fact. You visiting my blog is to get information too, right ?
because the main goal people browsing is to get information, then you must provide many information that needed by ‘netizens’ in your blog. That information is called ‘content’ of blog. Just Create the content that needed by netizen if you want your blog have many visitors. Just because the high quality content your blog will be famous. The useful and high quality content is the main key to success ‘blogging for money’. A professional blogger is will always to think about how to create a high quality content earlier before think about monetize . so, write as much as the high quality article and useful. if you confuse how to create the high quality article, i will posting it tips later. Just wait 🙂

2.    Second pillar, Traffic

Content is the king. Right. But content is not everything. Although you have the high quality and useful content, if you not comply the second step, your blog is still have a little visitors. The good content is searched by people, but it not mean will always bring in the visitors. Why ? because your blog and it content not automatically indexed by search engine. Right, there are search engine that automatically indexing your blog and it content, like google that automatically indexing your blog if your blog platform is blogger. if the peoples typing the keywords in search engine that associate with your blog, they are not necessarily find your blog. Because of that, you must submit your blog in the search engines in order to indexed by them.

However, indexed by search engine is not a guarantee to bring in visitors to your blog too. You are have many competitors of your blog niche/topics that maybe indexed by search engine earlier and located at first position of the search in the same keyword with your blog or it content. So you need to effort in order to your blog be indexed by search engine and located at first position in the blog keyword, minimal located at first page. This work is called ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO).
There is other way to bring in the netizen to your blog. That is ‘social media optimization” (SMO). It is use social media (social bookmarking, social networking, etc) to promote your blog.
For more details about tips to bring in visitors to your blog, i will posting about it later. Just wait 😀

3.    Third pillar, Pre-selling

“Building a business is all about building relationship.” – anonymous
Pre-selling is the next step after you get many traffic to your blog. Essentially, pre-selling is building relationship with your blog visitors. Pre-selling is the way to get loyal visitors. Just friendly to your blog visitors. Make yourself have the positive image in your blog visitors. Serve your blog visitors as your best. Make your blog be interactive.

Although you have to bring in many visitors to your blog, if you no friendly  to your blog visitors, slowly they will lost. There are many ways to get loyal visitors to your blog. Example is create more useful article, give reward to visitors that have mostly leave comments in your blog article, give them free e-book and still more. Essentially is make them feel happy when visiting your blog.

4.    The fourth pillar, monetize.

Eventually, monetize. Well, if you have success to passed the three step above, now it is your time to monetize your blog. Now is the time to change traffic flow be money flow ;p. however, Actually the time to monetize your blog is up to you. There are some parameters that can be reference when you monetizing your blog. That is :

–    The number of your visitors per day
–    RSS subscriber
–    The number of comment
–    Alexa rank
–    Page rank

There are two ways to Monetize your blog, that is :
a.    Direct monetize, that is do by showing or using monetize programs like advertising program, paid review, independent advertising, or affiliate.
b.    Indirect monetize, that is make your blog become promote your product or your service.

Maybe just it can i share, hopefully useful for you. If you have a question, just ask in comment 🙂 happy blogging.

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