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Which is Better ? Blogger/Blogspot or WordPress ?


You want to begin blogging ? and you confused what the platform you must choose ? You confused which is better ? Well, You are very right reading this posts. So, Let’s go continue reading.

Day by day, blogging is increasingly becoming a common activity because more people begin to blog. People have been feel and know the advantages of blogging. Every minutes, There are many blog posts published in internet. The bloggers competing to become first in their niche.

This condition is not escape from monitoring of internet businessmen, especially who related with blogging. This is cause them competing to make blogging tools or platform whether it is paid or free. Well, include is blogger/blogspot and wordpress.

Both are most famous platform which competing each other. By age, Blogger is older than wordpress. blogger was created by Pyra Labs and released on August 23th 1999 before finally acquired by google in 2003. Read also : the short history of blogger. While, WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg and released on may 27th 2003. Until now, Both are most used by blogger.

Here, we will talk about which is better among blogger and wordpress. I will explain you the advantages and disadvantages of both.


blogger account dashboard
blogger account dashboard
blogger blog overview
blogger blog overview

Advantages :

– Blogger is very easy to manage and understood. You even can understand navigation just for several hours. Blogger is designed by simple and easy.

– Blogger offer many awesome gadgets for your blog. There are 100+ awesome gadgets offered. You can add those in “layout” menu. You can place those gadgets where ever you want in your blog by changing their position by customize layouts. That is totally free and you will never required to pay for the services and features. There are no paid blogspot services and features.

– You don’t have to think about bandwith, back-up of your data, capacity of harddisk. It’s unlimited !. Just image and video you uploaded in blog which reduce the capacity. each account have 1000mb storage for images and videos. All of your data saved by google. Your data at google data center and that is totally safe.

– You can change your blog design/template as you like without touch codes. You can download free template at some website provided, such as Btemplates.com and templatedeluxe.com. And that’s free.

– Domain name of each blogger blog is yourdomainname.blogspot.com. But you can choose that with your own domain name, Example : yourname.com. Surely, you need to buy it before. Blogger offer you to buy it for $10 per year.

– Blogger blog would automatically submitted to google search engines. You don’t have to submit manually like other blog. Even, maybe your blog be prioritized in search engine because your blog is use google product. So, SEO for blogspot blog is easier.

– Blogspot blog is easy to integrated with adsense. Because, adsense is one of features in blogger. So you can earn money from your blog by adsense if you have google adsense account. But, get a adsense account is not something easy if your blog is too new and not qualified.

– Blogspot is google owned. Google is famous site in the world. So if you have any problem with your blog, you can helped by google support webpages which contains complete problem solving for all of google products. You can also discuss about google product in google product forum.

Disadvantages :

– Your blog is under google monitoring. Your blog (especially if still use domain : yourname.blogspot.com) will banned easily by google if you violate their privacy and policy. So, your freedom is limited.

– You can’t to move your data to your self hosting. Blogger is disallow you to have self hosting for your blog. So, you can not manage and control your data as you like because those is at google data center.

– Features in blogger is not as complete as wordpress. blogger also is not provide plugins to installed. If you want to install the advanced gadgets for your blog, usually you must coding it yourself.

– Blogspot template is not as professional as wordpress. Maybe, that is because blogger is limit the user to edit/modify blogger blog by coding.  Blogger just support CSS and HTML to edit template.


wordpress blog dashboard
wordpress blog dashboard
wordpress account dashboard
wordpress account dashboard
There are 3 kinds of WordPress blog. Those is Free wordpress blog, Pro wordpress blog, and Blog which use WordPress machine but the hosting is not in wordpress. Free wordpress blog is like blogspot. Pro wordpress blog is upgrade of free wordpress which use self hosting or premium service from wordpress. While, Blog which use WordPress machine but not hosting in wordpress is just use wordpress machine as the cms to build sites. Its domain and hosting is bought from any web hosting service beside wordpress.

I actually became confused must describe which one. But, i will describe all advantages and disadvantages of three above together below. Because, generally those is have many similarity. The most fundamental is in : WordPress machine.

Advantages :
– WordPress machine is the advanced machine. Developed professionally by wordpress team. That’s also always upgraded. The latest version of wordpress is 3.5 which released on december 11st 2012. And the most important it is totally FREE.

– WordPress themes is designed very professional and impressive. WordPress company offer many themes in their website. Even, you can download more themes in other website for free. There are many website provided free wordpress themes, one of them is Jauhari.net.

– WordPress have many features and services. WordPress also provide much free plugins to installed in your blog.  There are thousand plugins and gadgets provided. That’s will make your blog more interesting. Moreover, If you buy and install paid plugins.

– WordPress Machine is open source. So it is remove all limitations for you to make wordpress whatever you want do. Surely, you must mastered programming languages which used by wordpress. Blogger support PHP, MYSQL, CSS and HTML.

– For free wordpress, an account have 3072MB storage space for all data. That’s very large. Especially if you upgrade your wordpress account to pro. Your storage space will added at least becaome 10GB (for $20 per year). Even, if you buy wordpress business ($299 per year), your space is unlimited. For wordpress blog in other self hosting, That’s dependent to the hosting you bought.

– For wordpress blog in other self hosting, your data is fully managed and controlled by you. You freedom is not limited. For Pro wordpress blog, your data is maintained safely and never to banned though wordpress team know your data.

– WordPress Blog will be seen more professional (especially in design) than blog which use platform besides wordpress.

Disadvantages :

– Navigation of  Wordpress machine is more difficult to understood for beginners. It is because wordpress have too many features so confused the beginner users.

– Free WordPress blog is not supported for business. So if you try to install ads in your free wordpress blog, your blog will suspended by wordpress team. You must upgrade your blog to earn money from your blog. So, Don’t ever free wordpress blog if your blogging aim is for business.

– WordPress is not supported by google. So if you want to do SEO for your blog (SEO of google) you must submitted your blog manually. It is not like Blogspot.

– Use wordpress blog to business is expensive, though the machine is free. If you want earn money from your wordpress blog, you must spend your money before. Whether it is for upgrade to pro or to buy self hosting. You also must buy some plugins or features to make your blog more professional.

Well, Now which you choose ? which do you think is better ?
Just consider it carefully in order you won’t regret later. Yeah, i am serious. Don’t only see which do you think is more advantages, But Think also, is it macth with your condition, time, skill, interest and maybe with your finances ?

If you like and have more time, it would be better if you try both. The advantages and disadvantages above surely are not describe all, though me give you the best.

Then, What must i do after choose one of them ?
I have a few tips and notices that maybe useful for you to blog. Though it is simple, but hopefully it meaningful..

– Whatever you choose, If you are new in blogging and the two tools above, seek the information and tutorial how to manage it. Some tutorial you can find in this blog. Even, it would better if you like to do research with the tools you use. I also did it.
Oh, I almost forget, Just tell you that you will easier to find blogspot/blogger tutorial in internet. It maybe because blogspot users is more. But, it is not mean you can’t find wordpress tutorial. You can find the tutorial in wordpress forum. Just associate, sharing and helping each other with other users.

– Whatever you choose, That’s your choice. Be consistent and don’t fickle to migrate to other tools. Enjoy it and accept all features & services of the tools. Even, disadvantages. There are no something perfect. Migrate to other tools is means you begin to build your blog from the beginning, though you can import your contents. It is allows you would lost some visitors whom have you got.

– Whatever you choose, that will not decide you to become professional and success blogger. Something which determine you to become professional is hard working. You even can become professional without the two above, if you have endeavor. So, don’t get too hung up by tools. Think about planning and what you do after it, is more important of all.

Okay, that’s from me… What do you think ? I waiting for your response.. Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman

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