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How to add stars effect on links

stars effect on links in your blog will make seen interesting. This effect is animation. okay, i will not elaborate. if you want to add this effect to your blog. just follow the step below :

1. Log in to your Dashboard.
2. go to “template” menu
3. choose Edit HTML > Proceed
4. find the css code a:hover  and put the code below.

background-image: url(https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-AlOJLqdQbgM/TX8PrNRSMsI/AAAAAAAAAaY/qJhxSdh5tfE/s1600/stars.gif);

so, the code become :

a:hover { background-image: url(https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-AlOJLqdQbgM/TX8PrNRSMsI/AAAAAAAAAaY/qJhxSdh5tfE/s1600/stars.gif);}

*if there are no a:hover code.. so, you just put the code above between code <b:skin><![CDATA[ and ]]></b:skin>
*find the code by click CTRL + F to search