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How to Add Color Picker Tool Page On Your Blog

Before you read more this article, please go to ‘color picker’ page in this blog.

are you interested by that ? if yes, this article is right for you. I will give you a tutorial “How to Make Color Picker Tool Page On Blogs“. color picker tool is recommended if your blog is about programming(especially Css), web design and anything that need this tool. because this tool will very useful and ease your visitors to learn web design. if your blog is about fashion, i strongly not recommend you to make it on your blog.
well, the following is the steps for add this tool on your blog :
1. log in to your Dashboard
2. Go to ‘Pages’ menu
3. add a “New Page” and select “Blank Page”
4. Click “Html” located over textarea.
5. then, put the codes below :

6. after that, Publish it.
Finish. that is simple.
That’s all from me, hope this useful for you. Happy Blogging 🙂