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7 Ways to Improve Google Crawling & Indexing on Your Sites

Improve Google crawling on your websites is a SEO Strategy to get reputation and good SERP in google search engine. It also a signal that your site is good website in google way. The more often your site crawled & indexed by google, the better SERP you will get in google search engine. So, to get that all, 7 ways below may help you to make googlebot crawling your site frequently and get indexed.

1. Optimize Site Speed & Performance

Before you take another steps, make sure your website speed and performance is good. Don’t trouble the googlebot crawler when it come to crawl your site, or it will make bad reputation for your website. Use Google PageSpeed Insight  to test your website performance and get suggestion to make site better.

2. Update Your Website Frequently

Google and other site engines love websites that updated frequently. Update your blog posts for 3 times on a week, for example. The search engine crawler will crawl your blog as often as update. So, if you update your website more often, the search engine also will crawl more often.

3. Submit Sitemap

Submit your website sitemap to google webmaster tools. Sitemap help the bot crawler to crawl your website easily because it give all page links to crawl. With sitemap, you also give information to bot crawler  about prioritized pages. Sitemap also make your website index better f n search engines.

4. Manually Ping The Search Engines

If your website is new, it will take several days to get crawled and indexed by search engine. So, if you don’t patient, it is not bad to manually ping the search engine crawler to crawl your website. Ping bot crawler is same to ask bot crawler to crawl your blog. But, don’t too often do that. You can ping the bot crawler through googleping.com, for example.  

5. Internal Linking

Internal links help bot crawler to crawl easily like sitemap. It will guide the bot crawler to other pages to crawl. In addition, internal linking also good to down your bounce rate of website. It also very good for site reputation in search engine.

6. Avoid Content Duplication

If you do 5 ways above, but don’t care with this point, it means you do fatal mistake. Duplicated Content will crush your good reputation in search engine. Remember, Google judge a website value from the contents. If your content is duplicated content, then google will give you a bad reputation.

7. Natural Backlinks

Anyway, you have to build natural backlink as a backup for your 6 point above. It will help you to make powerful SEO. Your website SERP will difficult to lost by other website. Backlink also help bot crawler to crawl your blog from other blogs that linking you.

The conclusion is you must build your site reputation and hold it when you get it. That’s all. 

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