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So here I am showing you the easy way to get maximum subscribers to your blogger blog, because use of wordpress its pretty low to get better subscriber to increase the blog traffic. You already know that subscription is more important so the people or user of your blog always remain in contact with your blog with their subscribe option so they get email alert when any new update takes on your blog.
There are many ways to bring the subscribers to your blogger blog but first you have a fully section of subscription on your blog so the people came to site they see the option and can easily get updates from your blog.
Most significant way to bring more subscription is to add a gadget of subscription to your blog so a normal person can get the updates. It does not take much time to add on blogger here is the way to add subscription box to blogger blog check them out and you find a better way to do that.
Features of adding this gadget
Well as my thinking there are many merits of adding this box to blog you can easily connect with your audience.
  • That’s the best way to increase your blogger blog traffic.
  •  Its bring professionalism in your blog so reader attract to get more work.
  • Users stay on your website long time to get more info.
  • It’s very easy to install and bring much response.
  • Main thing is that user stay connected with your blog and can read new posts.
There are also many other ways to get traffic or stay connected with website like facebook, twitter but this method is directly goes to their email and people directly read the invitation that you have updated the blog and please come on it to read the blog work.
You can increase the subscribers and social points if you add the subscribe box to blogger it’s not only a one way of getting a thousands of visitors to website with organically but it also remain connected with your daily active users.
If we see the wordpress according to blogger then wp already added the subscribe box but blogger not but blogger is more better then wp there are several reasons about it but it’s not a topic whatever we talk.
So finally I am just want to say that adding or installing the subscriber gadget to blogs is most and powerful attractive way to bring visitors to your blog or website. You can easily send all of your subscribers new and feed to stay connect with them. Here are some services which provide the subscribe facility for free,

Feeburner.com (by google highly recommended)

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I am Amir and love blogging working from more than 5 years in blogging field you can find me on my blog

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