What is Guest Blogging and What’s the benefits?

Hi blogger.. after i didn’t post in this blog for about 1 month, Now i am coming back. Then, i will talk about guest blogging.

Guest blog your way to success
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Okay, first i will tell you what is guest blogging..

By simple, Guest blogging is all about write posts on other blogs. Widely, Guest blogging is write posts on other blogs to promote and introduce yourself, blog or your business. Guest blogging is a marketing strategy in internet marketing. Exactly, it is a “Win-win solution” or mutual benefit strategy. The both sides (The guest author and the blog owner) get benefit from it. The guest author get new audiences and backlinks, while the blog owner get a new quality post without must create it.

It is a smart strategy to improve your business or your blog. Many internet marketers get success from this strategy. Even some internet marketers schedule to guest post every month. It because they were feel the benefits from that. Okay, for more details, see the benefits of guest blogging below..

1. Make a good relationship with other bloggers
Because this is a “Win-win solution”, so other bloggers(blog owner) also give thanks to you for your goodness that has been willing to submit your post. This is a good start to make a friendship. in the future, even you can make a business cooperation with them, helping each other, sharing knowledge each other and many other. Keep in your mind! “The business is all about relationship”.

2. Expand your network
When you have make many relation with other, then it means you are expand your network. This is the next of point 1. Only, this is more specific. it is the relation of business.

3. Get good backlinks
Guest blogging also good for SEO of site. Almost every blogs which accept guest posts allow the guest author to insert backlink in post body as reciprocity. Even, some bloggers give more than that. This is also will increase your pagerank.

4. Get new audiences
Well, you will get new audiences from guest blogging. This will boost your traffics. Some bloggers even increased double of their blog traffics. it is because they are serious and smart to guest post.

5. Tell other bloggers that you are exist on blogsphere.
Guest blogging make you more familiar on blogsphere. You will easy to get new audiences if you are familiar on blogsphere. moreover, if you are frequently to guest blog and your post submitted is high quality. Let the people find you.

6. Increase your authority as blogger
Of course, guest blogging is increase your authority.  Remember that currently the bloggers existence is worsen because copy-paste bloggers. This is prove that you are a good and true blogger. People will more respect the true blogger. Even if you write in famous blog, your authority will increase more.

7. improve your blog/business brand
Well, your brand also improve by guest blogging. Tell the audiences that your brand is good as good as the post. For this point, you must create the quality post and talk a few about your brand.

A few tips and conclusion.

mmm.. the seven points above are tell that guest blogging is have many benefits.  I think you strongly must try and do that.  It is good for your blog. Out there, even guest blogging have been made as liability by some bloggers.
Don’t ever feel loss to submit your post to other bloggers. Anyway, it is still your post.. Even if the blog which is your post submitted is more famous than you, your post also will get more hit than if you publish it on your own blog. So, just begin to guest blogging. But before, i have a few tips for you..

– Learn more about guest blogging tips in order you get easier and get more benefits when you try to submit post to other.
– Feel free to ask to bloggers who have succeed by guest blogging.
– Make a schedule to guest blogging.
– Try to submit your post on famous blog. Maybe this is difficult, but no impossible thing in this world 🙂

For more tips about guest blogging, see the tips here.. So, wait it.. And don’t forget to become guest author in this blog heheh just kidding :D..


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