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Hi.. Bloggers! It is a part 2 of article about guest blogging. Before, I was posted what’s guest blogging and the benefits. Now, as i said in previous guest blogging post, i will share to you how to guest blogging, the tips and strategies.

Tips and tricks guest posting
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We know that guest blogging is have many benefits to our blog or our business. However, we are never get those benefits if we don’t run the tips, tricks and the strategies. Guest blogging is a art. Don’t ever to do that carelessly. Because on the contrary it is will make you loss. Your authority will decrease because your careless posts.

Because of that, you need to know how to guest blogging to increase your popularity. So, here i serve some tips and strategies to do that. Just follow….


1. Submit post in famous sites
It has become a  absolute requirement that the popularity is determine your posts will get more hits or no. You must selective in choose the sites to submit ur posts. It is to get max result in your guest blogging. Before you submit your post, Ask the blog owner about the traffics. See also the number of feedbacks/comments in every posts. Also test the popularity in search engines, alexa rank and page rank of that sites.

2. Read and follow the guidelines and rules.
Before you submit your posts, you also must read the guidelines and the rules of guest blogging in the sites you selected. It is important to avoid the rejection and to know what the blog owner want. If there are no guidelines of guest blog page, just ask the blog owner via email. But remember, make sure that blog accept the guest blogging post. Because no all blog accept guest blogging.

3. Create the best contents
Don’t hesitate and feel loss to create the best contents for other blog. Keep in mind, actually this is the main key of success in guest blogging. Don’t ever submit your worst posts or your guest blogging will be useless. Even, you should feel lucky because your post get read by new and more audiences. Remember, people will more appreciate the author of post (you) than the publisher(blog owner). So, make sure that you introduce yourself to the reader.

4. Make The blog owner feel lucky to your posts
Well, Don’t make the blog owner feel loss. How to make him feel lucky ?. Just submit the best of your post. Also optimize it. It will be perfect.

5. Be honestly
Almost every blog which accept guest blogging, make a requirement that the post you submitted must original, no plagiarism and no publish it again. This is for avoid duplicate contents for their blog. So you must obey this requirements. Don’t ever to submit the same posts to 2 blogs or more. Be honestly..

6. Make a good and continuous relationship
This is important. Don’t only consider the blog owner as the receiver of your post. Make him as your friend also. This will good if you want to submit your posts again later. Your post will easy to accepted because you are ‘friend’.

7. Create the guest blogging Schedule
Yeah.. It is good. make guest blogging as your blogging habit. 1 guest post per month alone is good. Improve and promote your business/blog by guest blogging. The more your guest blog, The more your promotion, then the better your business/blog.

8. Submit different posts in different blogs
Don’t submit your posts always to same blog. Submit your different posts to different blogs. It is for get new and more unique visitors, increase your experience and make more relationship.

9. Guest blogging in the blog which is related with your blog.
It is also important. Don’t ever to guest blogging in blog which is not related with your blog. The audiences is not targeted. If your blog is about Gadget, Don’t ever to guest blog in fashion blogs. It is idiot!.


10. Be familiar to blog owner and negotiate
Before you submit your post, it’s good if you do negotiation with the blog owner. So you must be familiar with him. Negotiate and ask the more right for your guest blogging. The example is insert more backlink in your guest post. But remember, if it is not allowed, don’t enforce to do this because may be it is instead make you rejected.

11. Create useful and high quality post
It is so important and the main key of guest blogging. Show the blog owner that your post is useful and high quality. It also in order of create the best content as i talk in point 3. The more high quality of post, the bigger the opportunity to accepted and get feedbacks

12. Create the promotion content
What i mean is tell to reader about your business/blog in post body. But, make it implicit. Also, your promotion must really in topic. Don’t OOT. But remember, if it is not allowed, don’t enforce to do this because may be it is instead make you rejected.

13. Begin post with introduction paragraph.
Every i did a guest blog. I alwats begin my post by introduction paragraph. Like this…
” Hi.. I am syakirurohman of I am a guest author on this blog. Here, I will talk about bla bla bla bla. “..
Well.. like that. The result is my traffics from that blogs is more.
But remember, if it is not allowed, don’t enforce to do this because may be it is instead make you rejected.

14. Prioritize individual post link than homepage link.
Usually, the blog owner allow the guest author to insert link in your post body. Surely, usually it is limited. So, prioritize the link to individual post in your blog than link to homepage. It is more potent to bring visitors to your blog because the thing they search is information. It is also better for SEO of blog.

15. Write in your style
You also must make you as yourself. Enjoy write a guest post in your style. Surely your style must interesting, good and cool. Make your reader enjoy read your post. it is important!.

16. Don’t overload
Last, don’t overload in doing of the tricks and strategies above. Everything overload is bad. Don’t overload in promoting, insert too many links (backlinks spamming), negotiating and other.

Yeaah.. That’s all from me. Do you have another tips? I waiting for your comments!..
Happy Blogging 🙂


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