The Short History Of Blogger/Blogspot

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Is Very sad if you are a Blogger/Blogspot user, but do not know its history. Therefore, in this post I will share some brief history Blogger/Blogspot.
Blogspot was familiar for any bloggers in the world. This free blog service provider is large company that compete with WordPress so is arguably the number one of free blog providers best-seller in worldwide.
Here’s the history of Blogger:
Blogger is actually a blog publishing system that was originally created by Pyra Labs on August 23th, 1999 and it is a first dedicated blog-publishing tool intended to help popularize its format. In Februari 2003, due to its popularity, eventually Pyra Labs was acquired by Google. This acquisition cause premium features that were previously charged, then turns free.
In 2004, Google introduced its new service, “Picassa”, which is an application for organizing and editing digital photos. This service then integrated with photo sharing utility Hello into Blogger, so allowing a user of Blogger to post their pictures in their own blog.
On May 9th, 2004, “Blogger” redesigned the main display, various changes were made in the Blogger by adding some new features such as web standards-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments and posting use email.
On 14th August 2006, “Blogger” launched the latest release in the “beta version” with “invader” code, along with the release Gold version. This makes the migration of users to Google servers and accompanied by the addition of some “new features” into it.
In December 2006, the latest version of Blogger is finally no longer in “beta version”  and in May 2007, Blogger has really moved to Google servers.

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