Mention Your Google+ Friend In Your Blog Post

Probably, This post is late because this feature was released about a week ago. Some blogs like this blog also have been publish similar post like this. However, probably among of you there are still don’t know about this feature. So, i will explain you.

Google team seemed continue to develop their products. Well, one of which is by further integrated Google+ and Blogger. Some times ago, we can integrate our Google+ account with blogger. Now, we can mention the peoples in our circles in Google+ into our blog posts. This as if make our blog post is Google+ post too.

Surely, this feature is make us more comfort to blogging in blogger. Google team also don’t add this feature by useless. There are some advantages of this features. that is :

1. Now, Google+ is one of social networking sites which able to compete with Facebook. This is caused by increase of user number day by day. By this feature, we can tell many people in our circle in Google+ that you posted an articles in your blog. The people whom mentioned will accept a notification because your mention. If they interested to your post, they will visit your site to read it. So, you get extra visitors from that. This feature is a good SMO tricks to build your visitors and introduce your blog to the world.

2. If your post is good and useful for them, your authority increased  either in Google+ or Blogger.

How to Mention People in google+ circle in Blog Post?

Well, it is very easy..
1. Surely you need an account of Google+ and integrate it to your blogger account.
2. Create a new post in blogger
3. Then, Just type ‘+’ in compose, followed by name whom you mention. See the image below.

The list of name people in your circle usually will appear when you type + followed by initial letter of name. You just to choose them.

-Notice and Tips-
Though this feature is very useful. But, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that this feature will harm you. So, See the tips below to avoid you from it negative effects:

1. Don’t ever to mention people in your blog posts which is you know that is not useful and apply for them. You will considered as spammer.

2. Don’t flood and arbitrarily to mention many people in your post while you don’t know what’s your posts is useful for them?.

3. Just mention people whom you know that they are indeed need your post.

4. Don’t too many to mention people in your posts. Because, maybe it will ruin your main content.

5. Don’t too often to mention someone though firstly he was felt your post is useful. However, He will bored if you flood him.

The conclusion is be wise and professional in use any features. Just take the advantages and throw the disadvantages..
Good luck… Happy blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman