How to Install “AddThis” Sharing Button on Your Blog

Do you already know “Addthis” sharing button? Okay, if you don’t know, Let me tell you. “Addthis” button is a widget for your blog that allows and ease your blog readers share your blog/contents to hundreds of social media, whether it is social bookmarking, social networking, micro blogging or other. This widget can you get in for free. I recommend you to use this widget i sure this is so useful for your blog. As we know, share blog contents to social media is the essence of SMO. The easier visitors to share your contents, The better your SMO. This is be alternative and effective way for you to share your blog more widely. You no need to install one by one of social media sharing button.
To add This “AddThis” sharing button, just follow the steps below :

1. go to
2. Click “Get The Code” Menu

get addthis share code

3. Then, You will taken to the following page :

addthis share for website

You can select the style of your sharing button.

4. If you choose sharing button for a website, you will taken to the page above and you need to have an account and sign.
After you Create account and sign in, you can get the codes :grab codes and put to website

Grab it and copy. Then paste and put that codes in your website pages between the <body> and </body>

5. If you choose sharing button for your blogger blog, you no need to have an account. You just click install widget like on the image below.

addthis share for blogger

after that, you can taken to the following page :add page element page for blogger
*remember, you must logged in to your blogger account before.
Click “add widget” and you will taken to “layout/page element” page, then choose and set the position to place this widget.

5. If you choose sharing button for wordpress blog, you will see the instruction like the image below :

addthis share for wordpress blog/sites

Just follow the instruction and install “addthis” sharing button.

6. Finish

That’s all from me. Just practice the steps above and enjoy addthis sharing button in your blog. If you have any problem when installation, Don’t hesitate to ask me on the comment below. Hope this useful for you. Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman

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