How to Add Authors/Admins in Blogspot/Blogger Blog

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Sometimes, we feel blogging is make us tired and bored. Well, if you too long in front of computer to blogging, you will feel it. This is apply for everyone. At this time we will not enjoy blog or write a post. we need the fresh mind and body to blog. especially if you are part-time blogger. while, you want to post as much as possible. 

Therefore, we need other people to help us to write in our blog. either paid or not. If we have others to write in our blog, we are not too tired to blogging. In addition, our blog always updated and never lost idea to post.
In blogspot/blogger, we allowed to add the authors of our blog. So, we can invite others to blog together. Here, I will explain you how to add authors/admins to our blogspot blog. Just follow the steps below :
1. Log in to Your Dashboard.
2. Go to “Setting” menu of your blog you choose.
3. You will automatically in “basic” sub menu.
4. Then, See to the bottom and you will find “Permissions” box.

permission blog author

5. In “Blog author”, Click “+Add Authors” which placed under the active admins.
6. Then, type the email of person you like to invite.

invite the author of blog

7. Click “Invite Authors” to invite. You also can choose the email from your contacts.
8. The invited person will accept an email invitation from you. If he confirm and agree, he will become the author of your blog.
9. The addition of author was succeed.

*note : You can select what the position of the person you invited. There are two position. That’s Author and Admin. Author can only write a post for blog and the position is under admin. While, Admin can access all of administrator of your blog. Admin is same like the blog owner.

*Tips : Don’t ever to give admin position to anyone, Except if he is really trusted. A admin can give the sack to other admin. So you (as the owner of blog) may be sacked by the admin you invited and your blog will be taken and stolen. It is based my experience. Be careful!.

Hope useful for you. Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman with his young spirit


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