How Duplicate Contents Make My Blog SERP Down

I just want to share story and experience for you. Because, this experience i feel very useful and important for you as a blogger. This post actually i wanted to share since about 2 months ago, When this problem just occurred. This is a sad story. So i share this in order you never run into similar problem: Down of SERP.

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SERP (Seach Engines Result Pages) is the listing of results returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. The results normally include a list of items with titles, a reference to the full version, and a short description showing where the Keywords have matched content within the page. A SERP may refer to a single page of links returned, or to the set of all links returned for a search query.(wikipedia)
So, SERP of blog is the indexed and displayed blog pages in search engines. The more blog pages displayed in search engines, The better the SERP. This is bring much organic visitors to your blog.

Well, This is about my other blog, some times ago i have shared that www.blogberbagi is seemed recovered from that problem: Decrease of SERP which causes visitors be a little. But, it turns out that’s just in a few days, about a week. So, Now that blog is back to down SERP again and make me abandon that blog. seems has been difficult to repaired anymore. though i could have if see about it with the consequences i must do some research again that maybe need much time. But, That’s doesn’t allow because now i too busy. began have this problem in beginning of October 2012. This problem occurred because an increase in the number of duplicate description, missing title tag and duplicate title significantly. That data known from google webmaster tools. The increase of three above occurred because at that time i was explored meta tag of blog. became mice, so it was exposed to the risk.

The duplicate description cause the search engines (especially google) consider that my blog contains duplicate contents. whereas that is just duplicate descriptions of any posts because errstago-mag-personal-magazine-wordpress-themeor of meta description. But, google doesn’t know the actual because it is just a robot. We have known that google have new algorithm which called google penguin. google penguin is designed to block and kick the sites detected as spam from search engine. Surely, the sites which contains duplicate contents include to spam sites. So, is something reasonable if my SERP blog was down, because considered as spam site.

At that time, there are hundreds of duplicate description in At that time, I immediately to solve that problem. Then, I got the solution. I changed meta description and finally the duplicate description was stopped to increase again. The condition is gradually improved so the visitors increase again.

The different of traffic when still many duplicates and no

However, The temptation is not until here. After some weeks the problem above solved, i interested to an archive calendar widget from a site. This widget is became source of problem. For whatever reason, this widget made duplicate description again. this time was caused by index of archive pages or pagination pages by search engines. We know that pagination pages have no specific title and description. in addition, that’s always updated.  So, Those pages use default title and description of blog and make duplicate with blog stago-mag-personal-magazine-wordpress-themedescription.

The duplicate descriptions was increased again. Even this time was more, until almost 3000 duplicates. That was made SERP down and the visitors be little again. I immediately search the way to solve this. Then, I got solution. That is by enable and edit custom robots header tags. I made my blog archive didn’t indexed by search engine. Evidently, this way was worked so the duplicate description number decreased until about 700 from 2500+. The number of visitors increased again. This is that made me wrote “ seemed to have recovered now“.

But, maybe because 700 duplicate descriptions is still too much and i rarely post in that blog, The SERP down again until now. The visitors back to fuckin little number, even more severe than previously. This is make me abandon that blog now. I have tired and desperate to manage again.

Well, Maybe that’s it about my experience. Hope this become a useful lesson for you. Are you have any experiences and stories to share ? if you have, don’t hesitate to share.

Happy blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman

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