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I am a blogger who active to surfing the internet. I searching to get news update whether it is related with social media or blogging. It make i frequently know about many blog platforms and frequently to try to use those. Well, one of them is is a blog platform from indonesia which use wordpress as  blog machine. This blog platform was created and owned by  This was made to grow the number of indonesian bloggers. I also have a blog account of blogdetik, i really interested to blog on blogdetik because there are many excellence of blogdetik which never found on other platform.
Blogdetik have homepage that show recent of quality articles from blogdetik blogs. That is bring many visitors for blog which the articles shown. So, arguably blogdetik is also like default social bookmarking site of blogdetik blogs. The thing i most enjoy is blogdetik frequently perform many blog competitions/contests. The example is blogdetik performing two blog competition now. Those is #airpureit which total reward is about RP. 15.000.000 or $1400 and cookiebloggers which the 1st winner reward is a microwave.
The two excellence above is very luring many peoples to blog on blogdetik, include me. Actually, my motivation to blog on blogdetik is not only for the two above. The other reason is i felt that i must use and support domestic product. So i feel guilty if i don’t use this product, while i use other product, Blogspot.
Just telling, I was follow one contest on blogdetik though i lost -_-. But, Now i following #airpureit contest and i struggling to become a winner. So, Pray for me 🙂 heheheh. Okay, That’s it my story. How about your ?

Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad syakirurohman

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