Beginning to Learn About Web Security and Hacking

website security and hackingInternet is a media which allows us to connect and found the thing we are looking for. By all of the easiness, internet was able to anesthetize everyone to use it. Currently, the number of internet user has been growth rapidly. This is cause website realms growth rapidly too. Many people create website or blog with various aims. there are  for expression of opinion, diary, support tool of business, and even make money online.
Amid mounting this growth of site realms, several irresponsible people appear to take unilateral advantage. Their action harm others. They stealing data and deface of others website, stealing private data, even break into the bank accounts through the internet. They are what we called as Hacker.
As a website or blog owner, it is a mandatory thing to know about web security and how hacking works. At least, This is to avoid you website or blog touched by irresponsible hands. Usually, for blog which use famous platform like blogger/blogspot and wordpress is safer because it was designed very safe by default and it database hosted at big server which is very safe too(google data center and wordpress server). But, it is not reason for you to don’t know about web security.
However, It is different if you build website or blog yourself and hosted at yourself hosting. You need high skill to build strong security for your website. Therefore, here is the important reason why you must learn about website security and hacking. Learn about hacking is not mean you will become a hacker. it is just to know how hacking works in order you can prepare to avoid it when someone attack your site.
Then, just learn it to secure your website now. There are many website in internet which is give tutorial and knowledge about website security and hacking. one of them is (indonesian website). Learning with patience and keep spirit. Let study with me together.

About my learning
myself also just beginning to learn about it. I use as my source. My desire to learn it has been there about a month ago. But, just now i can learn it. My motivation actually is not only for secure my website. Other motivation is because i want to hack some website which contains racial intolerance elements and other which violate the law.
About two month ago, I felt in indonesia appeared several facebook fanspages which contains racial intolerance. I very hate it. Then, I also found many website which contains similar contents. So, I decide to hack them in order my country is free from cleavage and stick together.

Well, How about you ?

Muhammad Syakirurohman with his young spirit.


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