10 Tips to Make Your Article Nice-To-Read

Some days ago, i have posted about .  The SEO friendly articles are just a way to bring visitors to our blog. But, it doesn’t mean will make your visitors enjoy and stay read your blog and make them go back tomorrow to your blog. By other word, That is just introduce your blog to the world. However, that is still very important.
Therefore, there should the ways which make your visitors enjoy and stay read your blog so the next day they go back again. Well, one of the most important ways is by make your contents nice and easy to read. The readers will be enjoy and comfortable to read your blog if your articles nice-to-read.
So I will share some tips and ways to make your blog contents nice to read. The nice-to-read contents can you create by the following ways:

1. Structured and step by step
An article must structured and step by step to explain the content.The content must explained from a simple point to the advanced point. This is will ease the readers to understand it.

2. To the point and don’t long-winded
Most of readers prefer the article which to the point and not long-winded. just remember! The readers maybe busy and have no much time to read your article. This is also effective and efficient. Explain your content by short, concise and clear.

3. Not escape from the topics discussed
Don’t escape from the content you discussed. This is will make your article be ambiguous. The readers will feel uncomfort and stop to read.

4. Explain by points and sub titles
The meaning is you must make your articles structured by points or sub titles. The example is this article which structured by 10 points. you are prefer to read the kind of this articles than the article without points or sub titles, aren’t you?.
The kind of this articles also make the readers can save time because just by see the points or sub titles, the readers will know the purpose of the contents.

5. Use interactive and interesting image
However, The articles without visual object will be less interesting. Use at least one image in the article. An interactive and interesting image also make your readers more enjoy and make their mind keep fresh.

6. Use polite, simply, friendly and modest language
talk by good (polite, simply, friendly and modest) language will make the readers feel comfort. they will feel respected. This is also will increase your authority and multiply your fans.

7. Don’t use too many slang word
Use too many slang word is bad. Just use the regular and daily language because it better.

8. Don’t use rigid language too
Though your language polite and friendly, you don’t use rigid language too. it is will make the readers uncomfort. they are prefer the relax language.

9. Write on your tone and style
Well, Just write on your writing tone and style. Indirectly, this is introduce your self and characters to the readers. in addition, you will never burdened and more enjoy to write.

10. Give link to other articles which relevant and very useful
If there are other articles which relevant and important, just link it. This is will make your visitors read other articles which complete the lack of that article. So, they will feel the benefits a lot by read your blog.

The ten points above is related each other. Just apply that to your blog articles. insyaallah, your contents will better to read. happy to try. I waiting for your response here. Hopefully this post useful. Keep Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman with his young spirit.
image took from jonloomer.com

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