How important Webmaster tools for your blogs/sites

webmaster tools for your sites

Are you know webmaster tools ?.. Okay, let me to tell you. Webmaster is a tool that usually used by website/blog owners to check their web or blog perfomance on a search engine. webmaster tools usually provided by search engines. almost all of famous search engines in the world, provide this tools. surely, this service is free for user.

You can access the webmaster tool of a search engine if you have been registered on related search engine. To submit and register your sites to search engines, just read also this article : How to submit/register to Google webmaster. However, if you use blogger as your platform, your blog will automatically registered to and it webmaster tool.

Webmaster tools allows you to check and control your blogs/sites perfomance on related search engine. Webmaster tools provide many services that help you to repair and optimize your blog SEO and perfomance on search engines. Example services is to submit sitemap, Check error URL and many others (google webmaster tool services). can be said, Webmaster tools is one of vital point of your SEO. these is that make webmaster tools is so important.

Until now, At Least there are 2 famous webmaster tools that most important to you used. those is google Webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools. It is Because both of them owned by famous search engines. your sites will easy to found by peoples through these search engines (google and bing).

However, if i talk about which the best of webmaster tools, i will answer : it is google webmaster tools. Why ? it is because the reason below:
1. google is most famous and most used search engine in the world
2. google webmaster tools have many services that is not found in other webmaster tools
3. google webmaster tools allows you to improve your blog SEO in google search engine.
4. The error of your blogs/sites can detected by google webmaster tools and report it to you so you can repair it immediatelly.

So, I will strongly recommend you to use google webmaster tools more of others. And i suggest you to frequently check your blogs perfomance on .

Okay, That’s it. I will post about webmaster tools tips and how to use it after some times from now. Just wait my other post..

What’s your opinion about this article ? i waiting for your response here.. Hope this useful and Happy Blogging 🙂