How important and Useful Blogwalking For your Blog existence

One of  Popular thing On Blogsphere is Blogwalking. Blogwalking is an activity to visit others Blog that usually done by bloggers. Blogwalking is an arena which Bloggers Connected each other. This is very useful and important for your existence on Blogsphere. There are many Advantages you get Because This Activity.
Blogger who always Blogwalking is Different with Blogger who never did it. The Blog of Blogger who blogwalking will faster to Grow. They also more active and have a community on Blogsphere though they are Beginners. This is Because They willing to use their time to visit and left comments on other Blog.

So. Here i will explain you Why Blogwalking important and useful for you :

1. introducing you and your Blog to Blogsphere

When you left comments and start to connect with other Bloggers, you are introduced you and your Blog to world. You will easy to known by peoples because your Signatures is everywhere.

2. make a relationship

You make a relationship with other bloggers and have many blogging friends Because you visit and connect to other Blogger. It will make your blogging activity become fun and Happy. Have many friends with same hobby and activity is a special happiness.

3. make cooperation with other Bloggers

When you have many friends, You can invite them to make a cooperation with you. The Example, you invite them to Build a Site project that the profit is shared equally. Or you invite them to link exchanging. This is will benefit each other.

4. Easy to get help

When you have many network with other bloggers, you will easy to get help from other bloggers if you have any problems because they feel you are friends.

5. Doing a trick of SEO (link building)

Some of Blog in the world is dofollow. So, When you put a signature/url blog on your comments, you will get backlink for free. It is will increase your Search engine rank and SERP. especially, if that dofollow blog was Famous and have good rank on search engine.

6. bring some visitors to your blog

When you left a comments and put your blog address in comment, the ones who feel your comment is good, will interest to know you more. they will visit your Blog. So, just leave the good comments.

7. comparing your blog with other blog as an evaluation

an evaluation is important for your blogging activity. It is will make you be better than now. therefore, visit and compare your Blog with other Blog. is your blog better than other?

8. add your knowledge and information

This is most important and useful from blogwalking. You knowledge will increase because you surely read some post from other blogs. in addition, you also will get an information about Blogging event. the example, you get information that there is a contest blog.

9. As motivation and target for you

When You Blogwalking, it is not rare that your blog you visited is the famous Blog. This will become your motivation and make it as your blog target that want you reach. It is will make you more enthusiastic to Blogging.

10. Found mood and ideas to write

When you visit other blog and find many useful articles, your writting mood will appear. it is because you feel happy after you read useful or interesting articles. if you have this, you will want to write on your blog though you not found an idea yet. But, usually you will found ideas if you have read many articles. That is my experience.

Well, That is the reason why blogwalking is important. What’s your opinion ? I waiting For your response..
Happy Blogging:)