Google Webmaster Tools and The Features

We will talking about webmaster tools again. Now the topic is about google webmaster tools.
google webmaster tools is webmaster tools owned by google and the best webmaster tools now. is so important to used because it is related with your SEO in google search fxpro engine. you surely have been known that is the visitors source of most sites in the world. About 80% of the blogs/sites visitors in the world is source from google search engine.
Google webmaster tools also have complete features than other webmaster tools. the features is various and very useful. it can improve your SEO, tell you about the error of your sites, repair your sites perfomance on google search engines and others.

Well, Therefore, Here i will explain you about the features of google webmaster tools :

1. Configuration
as name, it is for configuration of your sites on google search engine. Configuration divided become 6 menu. they are :
-Setting. To set the visitors target based geographic location, to set preferred domain, and crawl rate on google search engine.
-Sitelinks. To add sitelinks on search engine result for your site.
-URL parameter.
-Change of address.
-Users. to add and manage the users/owners of the sites.
-Associates. To add and manage associates users

2. Health
It is to check and know your site health. it is so important for your site index on google search engine. Health divided become 6 menu too. they are :
-Crawl Errors. to check crawl errors of URL on your sites. these error found by google crawler
-Crawl Stats. to see the statistic of google crawl on your sites
-Blocked URLs. To see how many blocked Url by robot.txt on your site. you also can test your robot.txt file.
-Fetch as google. instruct google to fetch and index the url you put.
-index status. To see index status of your site.
-malware. to check whether your site contains malware.

3. Traffic
it is to see the report of site traffic. Traffic divided become 3 menu. they are :
-Search queries. To see what the queries or words that used by google search engine user to find and visit your site. you also can see the impression and click of your site result on search engines
-Links to your site. external links (from other site) to your site
-internal links.

4.  Optimization
I think This feature is most important. Because it is to optimize your site on google search engine. Optimization divided become 6 menu. they are :
-Sitemaps. To submit your sitemaps of your site to google search engine
-Remove URLs. To remove the url(page,post, and other url) on site that indexed or detected by google crawler.
-HTML improvements. To check HTML improvements of site.
-Content keywords. To know what the keywords used by google search engine user to find the content of your site. the keyword is arranged from the keyword that most used to least used.
-Structured data. To see your Structured data of your site.
-Other resources.

5. Labs
it is for testing and experimenting your site on google search engine. Labs divided become 4 menu. they are :
-Author stats. to see the author statistics.
-Custom Search. to test your site result on google search engine. the result is only your site and the contents.
-Instant Previews.
-Site performance.

That is the features of google webmaster tools. besides the 5 features above, you also get other services. that is you can get help if you have question about google webmaster tools. Just choose the Help link that locate at below of the features list above.

That’s it.
What is your opinion ? I waiting you to leave comment below 😉
Happy Blogging 🙂


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