Google PageRank updated on November 2012

google pagerank update november 2012

Well.. As guessed by many bloggers, Google have been updated pagerank of any sites this month, exactly on November 7th. Before, google pagerank have been updated on august, may, and februari ago. Google Pagerank updated once at 3 month. So, If you not yet check your pagerank Now, Just Visit one of these sites and check your PR :

I believe, among of you surely there have pagerank increase on this month. It is a reward from google. I just say Congratulation for you who have pagerank increase on this month :).. for you who have no  increase, Be patient and keep spirit to blogging. just search more backlinks for your blog. Or maybe you have reduction of your Pagerank?. Don’t be sad. Matt cutt said “Pagerank is a little thing in search engine marketing”. indeed pagerank is influence for your SERP, But Pagerank is not everything for your blog success. there are many thing that must you do your your Blog. Keep spirit Blogging 😉

some of Bloggers have pagerank reduction too. Maybe, there are wrong link building tehnique on their blogs. usually, wrong tehnique of link building that blogger done is linking their blog from blog dummies(because it will considered backlink spamming by google), and linking from sites that considered bad by google.

For My own, i have no Pagerank increase for this Blog. Maybe it because this blog is too new and have too poor backlink. But, on my Other Blog,, I have pagerank increase from 0 to 1. this is Not bad.
So how about you ?


  1. It was a great run, and I hope the readers who discovered us found our content useful.

  2. Terima kasih atas infonya, saya akan cek pula. Mudah2an skor pagerank blog saya tidak turun
    sukses selalu..