why SEO is so important for your sites/blogs?

Why there should be SEO masters ? why SEO is so considered ?.. the answer is simple : the majority of your visitors is source from Big Search engines, that is Google, Yahoo, and Bing. it is about 75%. the rest is source from Social media. it mean how potentially the visitors come to our blog through search engines. if you ignore SEO, how poor your visitors. i guarantee it.
*if you not know yet what is SEO, Just .
By doing optimization, we are working for the sites/blogs is found through search engines when someone is typing a keyword, when he looking for information. The results of each keyword he typed will provide a list of websites or blogs that contain content that sought through a keyword. The Better position of a websites/blogs that displayed by search engines, the greater the likelihood that information seekers visit or open our websites/blogs. The more visitors come to our website, the greater the opportunity for monetize your blogs.
Most people, when looking for a product or service will stop looking at page 2 or on the order 20th on search engines. then, they will enter a new keyword and search again. So in conclusion, our blogs/sites should be able to occupy on order 1st to 20th . Meanwhile, to meet this target, we need to do the optimization of a website or a blog  that called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
so, you must be serious on SEO Optimization Technique. even, if you able, use the SEO services from SEO masters