How to improve Alexa rank rapidly

Alexa rank ? what is it ? alexa rank is a ranking of sites that usually used as paramater good or not traffic of a site. Alexa rank determined by the number of traffic and visitors a site/blog. The smaller the number of alexa rank, the better the site. you can check your blog alexa rank by visit
Now, Good Alexa rank is very important for a website/blog. moreover the sites/blogs that built to make money online. it is Because alexa rank has been parameter to judge whether or not a site for become a publisher or member of many make money online programs.
Alexa rank of a site that recently created is No data. it is reasonable because that site have no many traffics.
okay.. if you want your site/blog alexa rank good and improve it rapidly, i have some tricks to do it. so just read and practice the tips below :

1. Make account in alexa and register/claim your sites.

This is first. you must make an account and register your sites to alexa. actually, have account and claim sites is is not requrement to have alexa rank. only, it is needed if you want improve alexa rank rapidly. the below is step to make account and register/claim your sites ;
a. go to
b. see the right top corner and click ‘create an account’.

c. you can chose one of the options like shown on image above.
*i recommend you to choose the ‘login with facebook’ because it is easy and no need to fill the form and make account again. surely, you have facebook account.
d. after you log in, go to dashboard >> add site
e. click sign up. you can chose free or paid.
f. after that you will carried to the page like the image below, just follow and complete the step:

g. if you not claim your site yet you put on the form in step one, you will carried to a pages which requires you to claim your site.

just claim your site according the intructions and continue your steps

2. install alexa toolbar to your browser

Alexa toolbar is one important thing to improve alexa rank rapidly. besides you will eased to check your blog rank, it will make alexa friendly to your sites so your site rank will updated faster from generally. it will apply if you manage and open your site/blog always with the browser that you installed alexa toolbar. for install alexa toolbar to your browser, please .

3. add alexa widget to blog

Actually It Function is same with alexa toolbar, for make alexa friendly to your site/blog. by add alexa widget, your rank improvement will faster. in addition, you no need to check your alexa rank in again because you can see it on your blog. your rank on that widget will automatically updated. for add alexa widget to your Blog, Please

4. write your blog review in alexa.

write a simple review for your blog. it is for make a good image for your blog. it will make alexa more friendly with your blog

5. write an article or category on your blog about alexa.

this also important. write an article or category on your blog about alexa. and don’t forget to linking it to alexa. it will make alexa frequently visit your blog and make it friendly.

6. invite your friend to install alexa toolbar and widget.

well, invite your friend to install alexa toolbar and widget. it is not different like refferal program. only, you are not paid by money, but you will paid by good rank in alexa.

that’s it.
Actually it is not main ways to improve your alexa rank. the main ways is make much visitors come to your sites, Because alexa function is for ranking the blog/site traffic. The tricks above will work if you have some visitors. once again, the tricks above is for improve your alexa rank rapidly when you have visitors (though not too much yet). So, before you practice the methods above, make sure you has been practice the ways to bring your visitors to your blog and make sure your site have some traffics.

That’s all from me.
hope this article useful for you.. Happy Blogging 🙂


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