How to fix duplicate meta description for blogger

Some times ago, i confuse with my blog () meta description that duplicated. i am know it when i check my blog on. i see my blog have too many duplicate meta description. i also see and wonder why when i share my posts to facebook, my posts always have same snippet description. Masters of SEO said that Meta description is most vitals meta tags. if we have many duplicate meta description, our posts with same meta description will considered duplicate content by search engines. by it, our Search Engines Result Page(SERP) will down. it also danger because if we have many duplicate content, we at risk to banned by google. Duplicate meta description is forbidden in SEO. I am so confused and worried..

i start to searching on many blogs/sites to find how to fix it. after i have searching long enough, finally i found how to fix it. i immediately to try it and finally it fixed.
actually it is just my error when i modify my meta tags before. and i will never to do it again.
so how i solve duplicate meta description problem ?

1. log in to your dashboard.
2. go to “template” menu.
3. edit HTML. *don’t forget to backup your template before.
4. proceed.
5. find this code : <meta content=’your blog description’ name=’description’/> or <meta name=’description’ content=’your blog descriptions’ />.. you can press ctrl + F to do search.
6. after find it, insert the red code like below :

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl’>
<meta content=’Description’  name=’description’/>
<meta content=’keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 …’ name=’keywords’/>

*it is mean that your blog description just for your home page description. this is exception because use <b:if> tags. by this, you post description will not use blog description as it snippet description.

7. then, save it. your duplicate meta description will fixed.

*important note : this ways just apply if you use manual meta tags description, or don’t use auto meta tags description feature of blogger. in order you more understand. i recommend you to read this article too : . check it out.
okay.. that’s all from me. if you have any questions, you can ask me on the comment box below. i waiting for your response.
Hope useful and Happy Blogging 🙂


  1. Is there any difference between ‘DESCRIPTION’ or “Description”. Here u will see that second word is in ” ” which i have seen in many temp. But my temp is accepting only ‘ ‘.

    Plz reply soon.

  2. thanks for the information

  3. When I checked Google Webmaster’s recently, then I found this error for my blog too! Thanks for helping 🙂

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  6. little bit helpful, thanks anyway…

  7. Thank you for the very simple code. Much better than many others I’ve seen