The Category Of good and SEO Friendly Content/Article

in previous articles on this blog that talk about seo, i always mention this keyword : Good Content. indeed, anywhere you found the article about SEO, you are never escape from this keyword. many blogger Masters encourage you to create good content for your blogs. Good and SEO friendly content is most important thing to improve your SEO. However, maybe some of you still less understand how a good and SEO friendly articles.
well, on this article i will tell you the category of good and friendly content in order you can understand and make many good contents  on your blog. but, it is not about how to make good content. for that article i will post later.
so how a good and SEO friendly contents?, please see the points below :
1. needed and useful.
well, needed and useful content is main key whether good or not a content. this is determine quality a content. needed content usually    have a basic topics and important.
2. structured.
the good content is structured. it mean composed from basic topic to advanced. it aslo will make your visitors easy to understand.
3. the language is simple, easy to understand, and standard.
this is to make you visitors enjoy and happy to read your article. visitors will feel pleasant to read your content because the language easy to understand. don’t use too many slang in your post. this is also for translate accuracy if your visitors are not mean your blog language and use auto translator.
4. topic and keyword relevant with blog keyword and niche.
it is mandatory. your content don’t may to have topic and keyword that is not comply with your blog niche. the people will feel wonder. and surely, The search engines are not friendly with your blog.
5. not too short and not too long.
the post is not too short and not too long. if your post is too long, visitors will consider your post less complete and not qualified. likewise, if your content too long, visitors will lazy to read it. The normal size article is about 200 words until 1000 words / article
6. not escape from topic.
don’t too much strings attached. remember the topic that will you explain. explain it as clear and brief as possible. it is better.
7. main keyword placed at beginning and end of content.
you must place main keyword at beginning and end of content. because search engines usually detect keyword in this position. so your articles have good and many keyword in eyes of search engines.
8. long tail title keyword.
this is for SEO. long tail keyword have possibility to quick indexed on good position by search engines. long tail title keyword also avoid the stray visitors. by long tail keyword, you will get visitors who indeed need that you post.
9. linked or linking to relevant article.
if you feel your post is have related with others, linking it. it is for complement your article, it is not possible if you make a post exhausted the topic. you may linking or linked your post to other post on same blog(internal link) or to other post on other blog that have same nice(external link). but, just advice from me, strive to have more internal link than external. moreover if your blog is new.
10. not contained too much link.
though you linking or linked to relevant article, too much link also is not good. just linking and linked your post duly.
11. use relevant anchor link
if you will linking your post to other post, use relevant anchor link. don’t use the word “blog” as anchor, while you linking it to other article that is not related with that word.
12. use image and image alt.
image will make your content more interesting. without image, visitors sometimes feel saturated to read it, though that post actually is interesting and useful. this is usually happen on visitors being in bad mood. And if you use image, don’t forget to insert alternative text in image. search engines can not read an image, but with alt text, it will read your image. by this, you have enrich your content keywords.
okay, that’s all from me. after read, just practice it. if you still less understand, you can ask me on comment box below. Hope useful for you. Happy Blogging 🙂