Auto “Meta Tags Description” Feature to Improve SEO

on my previous post i many said about auto meta tags description feature on blogger. well, some times ago Blogger have been add “meta tags description” feature. firstly, do you know the advantage of it ? let me explain. Meta tags Description  is a vital meta tags. it is tell search engines a description about the page crawled. without meta description, your blog page will poor SEO and Search engines is not friendly. for more details, see the screenshot below :
the part that i mark with red line is Meta tags Description. so maybe you was feel how important meta description.
Before, we should Install meta tags description manually. that i by put the coding meta description under <head> tag (read also : ). but now, we no need to put complicated codes to install it. we only need to type the description we like. moreover, after we install it automatically, there will other features that added by blogger. that is Snippet description of each Post. it is the feature that we no got before install meta description automatically. so i think you must set your auto meta tags description. to do it, just follow the step below.
1. Log in to your dashboard
2. Go to “Setting” Menu.
3. Choose Search Preferences.
4. on top, you will find meta tags. you must enabled it and type your meta tags description.

5. your meta description was set. just wait until the search engines re-index your blog.

*tips: create your meta description with main keyword. explain by details your blog content but not too long.

Okay, That’s all from me. if you have any problems or questions, you can ask me on the comment box below.
Hope Useful and Happy Blogging 🙂