What is SMO (Social Media Optimization) ?

Social Media Optimization(SMO)

hi bloggers, maybe you have been read my post “what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)“?.. well in this article i will explain you a little about SMO (Social Media Optimization). SMO can said is the ‘partner’ of SEO. or maybe one of SEO Trick. So, What is SMO ?

SMO is a Blog Promotion Strategies that use Social Media Platform (Social Networking, Social Bookmarking and other) as media for optimize your blog. just my opinion, i think SMO is one of SEO trick too, especially SEO offpage because it is the blog optimization way that performed beyond blog itself.
currently, Social Media was be the good field for promoting your blog, especially Social Networking. today, mostly netizens is spend their online time on the social media. and i can guess, yourself is spend your online time mostly on social media too ?  right ? hehe..
maybe, you have question like this : how to do SMO ?
okay, it is simple. you just linking your url blog on your social media profile, for example facebook. or you share to friends the link that linking to your blog article on your social media timeline. that is SMO simplest way. for advanced ways to do SMO, click here.
oh yeah, the below is Social Media lists that can you use to optimization your blog.
1. Social Networking : Facebook, Myspace, Friendster
(social networking (especially facebook) is most popular social media, don’t forget to do SMO over there).
2. Social Bookmarking : Digg, Delicious.
3. Micro Blogging : Twitter, Plurk.
4. Content Sharing : Feedburner, Wikipedia.
5. Image Sharing : Flickr, photobucket.
6. Audio Sharing : Last.fm
7. Video sharing : Youtube, Dailymotion.
okay, that’s it. if you dissatisfied because you feel this article sketchy, just read the “advanced SMO tips and tricks“.  you can also leave a comment to say your think about this article.
Happy Blogging 🙂