SEO Offpage Tips and tricks (how to get backlink) for your blog

tips dan trik seo offpage
Ffter i post about “What is SEO?” some time ago, This time I will explain about one of the two types of seo that I mentioned in that post. as I said, SEO(search engine optimization) Off page Tips and tricks is SEO implementation is done outside of blog page.
essentially, SEO offpage is any way to get backlinks (links from other sites to our blog) in order improve our SERP(Search engine result page) position. This is because Search engine consider your blog useful for peoples and viable to prioritized because many links to your site. therefore, i have some tips may be you can do to improve your serp.
1. Link Exchange
Maybe this is the most frequent bloggers do to get backlinks. so we linking our blog with other blogger each other. but, in my opinion, link exchange is not too effective , although it affects. why ? because ourselves linking other blog on our blog too. the same, because search engines is also hate a blog that much linking to outside.  even, our blog will banned if too much linking or the number of inbound link and outbound link is not balance (outbound link more). but i have some tips to effecting lick exchange. if you do link exchange, just place other blog link on static page on your blog. Don’t place it on your blog homepage. it is in order the links don’t crawled quickly by search engines. it is apply for other link you place on your blog.  and, try to do link exchange with bloggers who him blog was famous and have high pagerank.
2. Blogwalking and leave comments on Dofollow blog.
Blogwalking is not foreign in bloggers ears. Blogwalking and leave comments on other blogs is the easier and cheaper way to optimized your SEO offpage, surely on dofollow blog. do you know dofollow blog ? dofollow blog is a blog which if we leave comments on that blog, we get free backlinks.(this blog is dofollow, so leave comments, hehe). the general mark of dofollow blog is if we leave a comment, we can select “name/url” as our profile. for make your blog be dofollow, we can setting it by : dashboard–>setting–>posts and comments–>choose “anyone” on the part of permission who can leave comments. then change your nofollow be dofollow in your blog template.
3. Submit your blog to blog directories.
What is blog directory? Briefly, blog directory is a kind of network, forum or anything that holds the bloggers to share their blogs. the more active you on it, the more backlinks from blog directory that you got. for register to blog directory,  you can click on any of the blog directories that exist on link exchange page, at bottom.
4. Frequently share blog content on social networks or other social media.
well, frequently to share articles, for example in facebook. even create community also there, besides you will also get backlinks you will possessed good reputation from your readers. for more details about the share tips on social networks, please see also “SMO tips and tricks for your blog.”
5. Get backlinks from high Pagerank Blog.
Maybe, This is difficult, because usually the blog with high pagerank sell the backlinks from it. If you have some money and willing to sacrifice it for your blog, well, Advertise your blog on blogs with high pagerank. This will enhance your reputation in the eyes of search engines. Because, backlink from high pagerank blogs is high quality. There are also other ways to get backlinks from high pagerank blogs. that is by being a guest blogger on that blog, and include a link to your blog in your signature in the article you create. indeed, to get quality backlinks you should be full of sacrifice.
6. Create dummy blogs
This maybe one of the alternatives. dummy blogs is blogs created just for linking our main blog. create dummy blogs and place your true blog link there. however, for now .. if you are going to do link building via dummy blog, don’t a lot, because google already know this trick and will ban if you do link building by too dummy blog. google will ban the blogs that too many linked from low quality sites.
7. Create your blog reviews
if you have blog more than one, review your blog on another blog. is also quite effective. or it also you can do with other bloggers. yeah, like link exchange. but, it is better because on reviews our blog definitely promoted. provided, we are review other blog too. how if you want reviewed but did not want to review? well, just register be advertiser in paid review program. surely, you must spend money again.
Okay, maybe that’s all that can be explained .. Seo offpage essentially is link building. seo offpage is closely related to increasing our blog Pagerank. oh yaa, tips from me, get as much as possible one-way link, the link only leads to our blog while we do not linking. This is you can do by applying the tips above diligently. just do it slowly for a long haul, because if done at once by linking your blog on many sites, it’s bad for your blog because the blog will be considered spam.
that’s all ..
if you have any questions, just ask by leave comment.
happy blogging 🙂


  1. blogwalking and leave comments on Dofollow blog. – like what im doing now? 🙂

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  4. thanks for informaiton. and now i will practise with harder and harder,,to be better than now,,

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