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10 Programming and Designing Skills to Blog Professionally

There are many skills that you must mastered to blog professionally as i said. One of them is basic programming and designing sites/blog skills. Read also “” in this blog. Well, the skill which discussed in this article can be said is the advanced of programming and designing skills.
This is so important if you want to become professional blogger. You will be more freely to manage and edit your blog/site performance or design. You also should not to ask and hire someone to help you to edit your blog.
The following is those skills. I arrange it by level of importance. So the first point is most important.

Hypertext Markup Language(HTML) is most important. All bloggers must mastered this programming language. This is most important basic of web programming. All sites constructed by HTML codes. Don’t worry, HTML is easy if you like to learn it. The new version of HTML is HTML5. For more details about HTML, Read this >

2. CSS
CSS or cascading style sheet is a programming codes to design and decorate your blog/site. Your blog will be interesting and nice to look by this codes. The new version of CSS code is CSS3. to more details about css > .

3. Adobe Photoshop
I am sure, you have heard this software, or even you have mastered this. Adobe photoshop is a software to edit photos or images. This software is needed to designing your blog. You need this to create banner image, logo and other for your blog.Adobe photoshop ‘make cooperation’ with css codes to create a good design for blog.

4. XML
XML is just for blogger/blogspot blog. For you who are not use blogspot, xml is no need to mastered.
Actually it is not programming language. XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a metalanguage that allows users to define their own customized markup languages. XML was designed to transport and store data. XML in blogspot used for take your data from database (google data center) to show in your blog.

5. Jquery
Jquery is part of javascript. It is friend of css codes. they are complemetary. Jquery is for unique effect style, while css is for decoration. To use Jquery you firstly must install Jquery in your sites.

6. Corel Draw
Actually this is similar with adobe photoshop. It is a software to design too. Only, corel draw is more to draw/create images.

7. Javascript
Javascript used if you want your blog more interactive. you can make function with this codes. javascript usually used by bloggers who want their blog more interesting. Javascript which most used is Jquery.

8. PHP
Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce dinamic web pages. PHP is only used for wordpress blog or other blog who support php codes.

9. Database
Database is highly correlated with php. Php create a dinamic web page by data from database. This also only for wordpress blog (self hosting). You can create a new function for your blog by create database and use php codes to run in blog.

10. Adobe Flash
This is advanced of designing skills. This is software to create animation for your blog. Well, this is for make your blog more interesting by animations.

From the 10 skills above, some of them will be i write about it tutorials. There also the articles about this have written. you can find it in web design and web develope category. If you want to get more and step by step tutorials you can learn it in . w3schools is  a website contained about programming tutorials(basic – master). I believe, you will helped by this site because i think it is so good website with very useful contents.

Well, From the 10 skills above, which have you mastered and most interested? Just prioritize the most important skills. Happy Learning and Blogging 🙂

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