How to Insert Image to Blog Post

Image is a media for complete your blog posts in order more interesting. We know, the people prefer the things which is have visualization than which is just contain words. So, Image also is used to make your blog readers not bored reading your articles.
In addition, Image is good for SEO too. We can improve our SEO of content by put some keywords in “img alt”. Therefore, try to put minimum an image in a post. For you who don’t know how to put pictures in your blog articles, Just follow the steps below :
1. Log in to your Dashboard
2. Create a new post for your blog
3. See to right top and find the icon like the screenshot below :
how to put image
4. Click that and you will taken to panel like below :
upload pictures
5. If you want to insert image from your computer, Just click the “choose file” button to upload image.
upload images
after you upload your image, select and add the image to your post.
6. You also can insert image from your picassa image collection, your image in your blog, from your phone, take by webcam, and by put URL of Image.
take image from url
image for insert image from a URL.
Finish and the image already inserted. Just practice it. If your have any question, Don’t hesitate to ask me. Hope this useful for you. Happy Blogging 🙂

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